We have met many DePuy ASR hip implant patients who have received a claim number from Broadspire and who do not think they need to hire a lawyer.  All ASR patients who intend to rely solely on Broadspire should be aware of the following three vital points of information:

Who is Broadspire?

Simply put: Broadspire works for DePuy.

Broadspire is a claims adjusting company located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The company was hired by DePuy to evaluate and manage medical reimbursement claims submitted by hip implant patients who received a DePuy ASR hip implant.  Broadspire’s function is to confirm that patients have an ASR hip implant and to then determine what reimbursement of medical, out of pocket and related expenses will be made by them to ASR patients.  Generally, Broadspire has reimbursed our clients only for medical and out of pocket expenses which have not been paid by health insurance or Medicare.  Broadspire will not reimburse you for pain and suffering associated with complications from the implant or from revision surgery, future lost earnings or for any permanent physical incapacity or disability which a patient may experience.

  1. CONSULTING AND HIRING A LAWYER WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR CLAIM WITH BROADSPIRE IN ANY WAY.  Broadspire does not require ASR patients to sign a release of DePuy in order to receive reimbursement for medical and out of pocket expenses.  ASR patients are free to make medical reimbursement claims to Broadspire and also to file a lawsuit against DePuy for all other unreimbursed losses and damages related to their ASR hip implant and revision surgery, if required.
  2. YOU MAY HAVE A VERY SUBSTANTIAL CLAIM WHICH WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED BY BROADSPIRE.  We believe the ASR hip implant is defective and very dangerous.  In many patients, cobalt and chromium ions are deposited into the blood or soft tissue as a result of excessive wear of the metal surfaces of the cup and ball of the implant.  These metals can cause severe damage to organs, bones and the soft tissue surrounding the hip joint.  This damage often leads to difficult and painful revision surgery and a potential lengthy rehab.  Some patients have experienced permanent disability.  All ASR patients may have significant potential claims for pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical incapacity, disfigurement, loss of earning capacity and future medical expenses. It is important you contact an attorney to discuss your legal options.
  3. ALL ASR HIP IMPLANT PATIENTS SHOULD HIRE A LAWYER TO PROTECT THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS.  Any patient who has an ASR hip implant has important, valuable legal rights which need to be protected.   If you have a lawyer, your lawyer can and should negotiate with Broadspire on your behalf for reimbursement of your medical expenses.  Your rights will always be better protected with an experienced lawyer negotiating for you rather than trying to negotiate with Broadspire for yourself.  Remember, Broadspire works for DePuy and has no obligation to act in your best interest.  In addition, it may be several years before you experience symptoms or complications.  It is extremely important that you have experienced hip implant lawyers monitoring and protecting your important legal rights for as long as you have your ASR hip implant.


Waiting to hire an experienced legal team until you experience problems could result in the complete loss of your claim for damages against DePuy.

Contact us today to preserve your legal claim.