ASR Hip Resurfacing System

Patients fitted with the ASR Hip Resurfacing System have a single metal component referred to as the acetabular cup. It is placed within the acetabulum, located within the pelvis, and a metal cap is placed on the femoral head to secure the piece. Patients who have the ASR Hip Resurfacing System had a partial hip surgery because the procedure required the removal of less bone from the hip. Doctors and DePuy were confident that this was a less-invasive procedure that allowed patients to keep their original hip. Independent tests and patient complaints proved this theory wrong.

Patients with the ASR Hip Resurfacing System began to revisit medical and emergency rooms across the world with symptoms of the implant’s failure. As the metal ball ground against the metal lining, patients experienced painful friction and motion instability. The metal-on-metal friction broke off particles of cobalt and chromium that were released into the bloodstream and deteriorated the surrounding tissue.

Surgeons and independent researchers were baffled to discover that high rates of patients were returning to have corrective surgeries. Tragically, patients who became victims of this device could not have expected that the ASR Hip Resurfacing implant would have such a negative and painful impact. If you’re a patient who has received the Depuy ASR  Hip Resurfacing System, do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Parker McDonald, P.C. and Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison, P. C. We are available to represent patients with potential lawsuits against DePuy for the defective hip implants.