career one step away from the end

Carmen Russo reveals the deep pain of her life. She recently talked about it in an interview, leaving everyone speechless.

The last season of the ‘Big Brother Vip has been over for several weeks now. It was one of the longest edition in the history of the program, in fact, the tenants remained inside (if we also count those who entered at the beginning) for practically six months. A very long period, which obviously also gives a good idea of ​​how much the format is followed by the public. It is obvious that it was a question of high ratings that prompted Mediaset to make it last so long and even grant it two first evenings a week for a good part of the season.

The victory of Jessica Selassiè it was fought to the end, with the last duel with Davide Silvestri. In the weeks just preceding the final, many of the protagonists who were also quoted to reach the final victory away. From Katia Ricciarelli to Soleil Sorge, passing through Miriana Trevisan and Giucas Casella. Up to the elimination of Lulù Selassiè herself, which many considered the winner on the eve of the final.

In the end, his sister Jessica won, but it cannot be said that this was not an edition where we had the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of many characters from the world of entertainment.

Among the competitors of this year’s edition there was a character among the most famous on television who attracted the attention of the public, it was Carmen Russo that the public has come to know for years, being a well-known face on the small screen.

Carmen Russo as everyone knows is a successful dancer but also a skilled participant of the reality show (it was not her first time at ‘Big Brother Vip’), a few years ago she became a mother and with her story she moved everyone in unsuspecting times .

Carmen Russo, the mourning that changed her life

In the house the family argument has often returned, and Carmen has never spared sweet words towards her husband Enzo Paolo Turchi with whom he has a ten-year love affair, but also of his daughter Maria. A visceral love for her little girl, which often led Carmen herself to talk about it with the other tenants and greet her in front of the cameras.

A love that evidently also comes from another love, the one had by the mother of Russo herself. It was she who told the great pain she had when she left. “His death destroyed me“, Explained the woman to the microphones of ‘Verissimo’. “He was fine until 2015, then the bones started to fail. The immune defenses – continued Russo – are lowered and bronchitis has devastated a lung that she can no longer hold “.