caught in intimate attitudes with a guy

Bebe Vio is so jealous of her privacy that she rarely gets involved in gossip or gossip, but the Weekly Who managed to capture her in sweet company. The Paralympic foil champion is very active on social media, but she also pays a lot of attention to what she shares, so the photos published by the weekly are particularly intriguing. Bebe Vioat the registry office Beatrice Maria Vio, is an Italian fencer, Paralympic, world and European champion in charge of Paralympic individual foil. At the end of 2008, at the age of 11, she was struck by meningitis which caused an extensive infection to the point of forcing her to amputate of the limbs; after 104 days of hospitalization she left the hospital and immediately went back to school.

Subsequently, she undergoes motor rehabilitation and physiotherapy at the INAIL prosthesis center in Budrio, near Bologna, and, about a year after the onset of the disease, she resumes the sporting activity of fencing, even at a competitive level, thanks to a particular prosthesis designed to support foil. Baby is also well known as a testimonial in television programs where she has always been keen to spread a greater knowledge of fencing on wheels as well as a real awareness campaign on the value of diversity. The young girl, despite the always focused spotlight, tried in every way to keep away from gossip and gossip. Bebe, however, was recently photographed sitting at a table with a mysterious boy at the Roman nightlife venue in the Ponte Milvio area. The tacit understanding between the two was very evident, they exchanged glances and chatted a lot, he held her hand with tenderness.

After about an hour together, they might have spotted the paparazzi, or someone might have warned them, so they contacted their friends, almost pretending not to know each other. But who is the mysterious guy? Certainly not Giorgio Avola, who about two years ago was believed to be her flirtation, never confirmed, not even the companion with whom she went to see the Roma-Salerinitana match. In short, Bebe is always very attentive and reserved, but these photos could push her to present to her fans the boy who warms her heart. In any case, it is right that Bebe decides for herself and that she leaves us with bated breath. Meanwhile, our beautiful athlete has announced the arrival of the new prostheses. “Yay! I got new hands and feet “, said the blue champion when she announced that she had new and innovative prostheses. In the videos shown in the post on Instagram Bebe Vio showed the movements made during the testing with the new limbs, which were created by the German company Ottobock who will provide her with the new material.