Do you remember Maelle, the daughter of Antonella Clerici and Eddy Martens? This is how she became today

Little Maelle was born from the union of Antonella Clerici and Eddy Martens. But how did she become her today? What do we know about her? Little Maelle was born 13 years ago. More than once Antonella Clerici has immortalized moments of everyday life with her daughter, in which she shows off their love for cooking. Yes, mom and daughter share the same passion. For Antonella Clerici, Maelle is a very important part of her life, in fact her life without her daughter would certainly never be the same. In fact, few know that the famous presenter had to make many sacrifices to give birth to her first daughter. Before her, Antonella Clerici experienced a very sad moment in which she found herself facing the greatest pain for a mother, namely the loss of a child.

Fortunately, after so many treatments, she realized her dream of becoming the mother of a beautiful baby girl. And so the beautiful Maelle came to her life. The presenter has thus realized her dream at the age of 47, even if she does not hide that she almost gave up in the past. Fortunately, things went well for her. One thing that is not yet known about little Maelle is her surname. According to some, the girl would have taken the surname of her mother, while others of her call her entirely Maelle Martens. In fact, we also know that the father never refuse to acknowledge her daughter. Therefore, it is very likely that the last name of the latter is precisely that of her father. But there is still no certainty, and the details have never been made public. But have you ever wondered how she became the daughter of Antonella Clerici today?

Through the official profile of mother Antonella Clerici you can see many photos at home with the girl. Impossible not to notice Maelle’s infinite resemblance to her mother and her father. Today the little girl has become a gorgeous teenager, whose beauty is a perfect match between the two parents. The little girl has also inherited a special feature of her from her mother, namely her beautiful curly hair, even though Maelle’s thick hair is darker than her mother’s. From what you can most see from the photos on Instagram of Antonella Clerici’s profile, her daughter, to whom the presenter is very attached, is a beautiful girl who will steal the hearts of many boys. Who knows if she will one day want to follow in her mother’s footsteps and try to build a career in show business?

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