Alessandro Cattelan, have you ever seen his mother? They are two drops of water

Fans greatly appreciate this moment of tenderness shared by the host. And they notice the great similarity between the two

We have learned a lot about him. Sympathy, first of all. But also the ability to hold the scene, regardless of the type of broadcast. Whether it’s about musical subjects, comic entertainment or more introspective, Alessandro Cattelan always gets along very well. We know a lot about him from an artistic and professional point of view. But we had never seen the popular host’s mom. They are two drops of water!

Alessandro Cattelan (web source)

So we said that in recent years it has become one of the most recurring faces of Italian television. Everyone appreciated Alessandro Cattelan.

His beginnings are in musical broadcasts. In fact, his very youthful style makes him perfect for working on MTV, where he takes his first professional steps. The debut on the popular television network was in 2004.

Alessandro Cattelan joined Sky Italia in 2011. In July, on the occasion of the Copa América 2011, you hosted “Copa America Hoy” on Sky Sport, which talked about football and the culture of Latin America. Those are the years in which it took off: from the autumn of the same year it became the presenter of the talent show “X Factor”following the passage of the program itself on Sky Uno.

A role that earned him great success and popularity. And so, the contracts for TV commercials and many other jobs also arrive. It hosts, for example, an edition of Donatello’s David. On 10 December 2020, during the final episode of the fourteenth edition, he announces the abandonment of the management of X Factor, after ten years.

Since 2014 he has become a conductor and protagonist of a talk show broadcast in the late evening on Sky Uno entitled “And then there’s Cattelan”, for which he won the Flaiano Television Award for conducting.

Away with mum

In short, Alessandro Cattelan’s professional life is really intense. On May 10, 2021, via a live broadcast on Instagram from the official Netflix profile, the launch of the program was announced “Alessandro Cattelan: A simple question” right on the American platform. The program started just over a month agolast March 18, and it is already a great success.

Alessandro Cattelan with his mother (Instagram) 26.4.2022
Alessandro Cattelan with his mother (Instagram)

But today, more than on the professional aspect, we focus on Alessandro Cattelan’s personal one. And we do it thanks to him. It is in fact the same TV presenter who publishes a photo with his mother through his Instagram profile (where he is, of course), very popular.

“Me & mom away” he writes, showing himself sitting on the edge of a swimming pool with a very elegant blonde haired beautiful lady. Elegant despite the sportiness of both. Alessandro is in fact in shorts. Mum, on the other hand, wears a pair of jeans and a nice striped jacket.

We do not know where the two are, in the post it is not specified. But Alessandro and his mother are really alike, as several users point out who appreciate this moment of tenderness from the popular host.