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from Simona Marchetti

The 50-year-old singer has laid bare like never before, recounting the hell he left behind without leaving anything out. On social media, fans divided between those who appreciated his sincerity and those who criticized him for the way of expressing themselves

Touching the bottom and then going up again, in what has all the flavor of a rebirth: this is the meaning of the long monologue by Gianluca Grignani during the last episode of Le Iene. The bottle of vodka floats in my hand along the mezzanine of the villa overlooking the hill of vineyards – the singer began -. I’m wearing a blue dressing gown. The substance cleverly hidden in the bathroom: every now and then I go to find it, so as not to give in to something that not even I know what. Alcohol has no effect, it doesn’t calm me down. I am alone. The space that separates the mezzanine from the floor as the free fall from the top of Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

At the age of 50, celebrated on 7 April, Grignani did not discount himself, telling himself as probably never before, without neglecting anything of the painful past that – he makes it clear – he has now left behind. My brain unrolls images and thoughts in this order: father, mother, children, work, friends – he continued -. I feel like I’m falling, but my body is still there. Stopped. Property. I cry: “My life for a reason … help!”. This is an episode from my past, I got naked, I told you what I left behind. I hope I have earned your trust in sincerity.

Fresh from returning to the stage of the Sanremo Festival, where he performed in pairs with Irama on the evening of duets, the singer then shifted attention to the future and, above all, to the new generations. Here we are: the rest of the world, confused, influenced, eager to find an answer on what is good and what is evil – said Grignani in the video published on the Instagram profile of the broadcast – also passed through a pandemic that we have never seen, we had never seen. We are aliens who do not recognize each other. Then there is generation Z, which I have renamed V, as a victory. the generation of inclusiveness, capable of making everyone equal in differences, the generation of change, the famous hand stretched out towards the future, the hand of the future. And as a musician I want to imagine for them and for us a different ending to a very famous song by the Eagles, “Hotel California”.

And in the future that the singer theorizes – even for himself – we will find ourselves again in the desert, free, but with the horizon ahead and with a fiery hell now behind us. A different ending and a new mirage, a new Hotel California… Hotel California 2022. On social networks, Grignani’s outburst caused a lot of discussion and if someone accused him of speaking too quickly, almost eating his words due to agitation, the majority instead he appreciated his sincerity and his courage to get naked in front of the cameras, even knowing that many would have pointed the finger at him anyway.

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