Michelle Hunziker, scoop: leave Angiolini and go back to him

Michelle Hunziker, sensational scoop on beautiful Switzerland. The presenter leaves Giovanni Angiolini and returns to him. A photo fits both. Here is what is happening in the life of the beautiful blonde.

Giovanni Angiolini and Michelle Hunziker – BedQuotidiano.it

Headshot for Michelle Hunziker. The Swiss presenter thinks back, spring Angiolini And returns to her ex. A photo shows what the two have been up to.

Michelle Hunziker quits Angiolini

Only a few weeks ago there was talk of one new love storythe peeled one between the Swiss presenter Michelle Hunziker and the doctor Giovanni Angioliniformer protagonist of Big Brother 14.

Michelle Hunziker
Michelle Hunziker – LettoQuotidiano.it

Although the two have never really formalized their sentiment, they have been paparazzi on several occasions together, in affectionate attitudes and also to exchange cuddles and tender kisses.

It is a few days ago scoop of the weekly Chi, which put the Swiss presenter who was paparazzi while leaving at the center of attention the Excelsior hotel Galliaafter spending a night in the structure together with Angiolini.

While she he jumped aboard his pink PorscheAngiolini was seen leave with a suitcase, headed to the station. What happened between the two? Could there have been a quarrel with the handsome doctor? Meanwhile, news arrives that leaves everyone speechless: Michelle returns to her ex. A photo fits both.

Hunziker and Angiolini
Hunziker and Angiolini caught by the weekly magazine Chi – BedQuotidiano.it

The host returns to her ex

Michelle Hunziker does something that really leaves everyone speechless. The Swiss presenter spring Angiolini and returns to his ex. The he in question is Tomaso Trussardi. To release the bombshell is the weekly Diva and Donna which dedicates a cover to the former couple.

Tomaso Trussardi
Tomaso Trussardi – BedQuotidiano.it

Michelle and Tomaso did they have a flashback? According to the magazine, the Swiss presenter and the fashion impresario spent a year secret weekend of love. The two were paparazzi together, without daughters, trying not to attract attention.

But people who have seen them, however, speak of affectionate attitudes and complicit glances. Are the two ready to reconsider and get back together? On January 18, 2022, the host and the entrepreneur shocked everyone with the public announcement of the end of their love.

After 10 years of passion and feeling and two daughters, Sun and Celestialthey have communicated to everyone their intention to divide the roads, but maybe this weekend could change the cards on the table.

Michelle has always been inclined to second chances and perhaps the distance of Angiolini, who was in Mexico for a few days for professional reasons, could have brought her to reflect and perhaps rethink Tomaso. Fans hope that the Hunziker and Trussardi can they really get back together.

Hunziker and Trussardi
Diva and Donna, scoop on Trussardi and Hunziker – BedQuotidiano.it