new boyfriend after Ross McCall

Alessandra Mastronardi has turned the page: the actress seems to have closed permanently the chapter with Ross McCall, and found the smile next to another man. The protagonist of The pupil, after having canceled the wedding with the ex-boyfriend, she was paparazzi in unequivocal attitudes with her new love, away from the world of the show.

Alessandra Mastronardi spotted with her new boyfriend

Alessandra Mastronardi is no longer single: after having canceled the wedding with her colleague Ross McCall, there were rumors of another relationship for the actress, who had promptly rejected the accusations of the gossip pages. Now, a few months after the end of the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Mastronardi seems to have found her smile with another man.

To spot it was the weekly Diva and Donna, who photographed the actress, smiling and radiant as she hasn’t been seen for a long time, in the company of her new boyfriend. The shots published by the magazine leave no room for doubt: the beautiful Alessandra, happy and radiant, is not walking with a simple friend. In the photos the couple kisses passionately, suggesting that the two have gone beyond mere friendship.

The weekly also revealed the identity of Alessandra Mastronardi’s new love: it seems that it is a well-known dentist in Rome, named Gianpaolo, who has definitely made a dent in her heart. At the moment, the actress has neither confirmed nor denied the relationship. After all, she has always tried to maintain a certain reserve about her private life, keeping at a distance from the pages of gossip.

Alessandra Mastronardi, because it ended with Ross McCall

A little over a year ago Alessandra Mastronardi had decided to pronounce the fateful yes with Ross McCall. The proposal had in fact arrived in February 2021, on the occasion of the actress’s 35th birthday. The couple had decided to get married after four years of relationship, and despite the ten-year difference, everything seemed to be going well between the two artists.

After the proposal, Alessandra and Ross had started one alternating coexistence between London and Rome. Then, like a bolt from the blue, the news of their breakup arrived, apparently by mutual agreement. After the end of the love story between Alessandra and the Scottish actor, increasingly insistent indiscretions had given for sure that the reasons for the breakup were to be attributed to a betrayal of Mastronardi.

Tired of the constant allegations of his account, the actress de The Cesaroni he had wanted to clarify once and for all on Instagram. With a few words that expressed all of her resentment, she had denied all the rumors about her: “Really? So she went like this? A story ends and by logical deduction, the cause is a betrayal of the woman… Well, thank goodness you journalists are there to tell us the alleged truth! ”.

Now, some time after the end of her long love affair with Ross, Alessandra is really ready to reopen her heart: it will be time to tell us if it will be the right time with Gianpaolo.