Brenda Asnicar, what the actress of Patty’s World is doing today

Patty’s World it was one of the most followed Argentine telenovelas ever: a triumph, a success with audiences and critics, loved in Italy by young and old. Impossible not to remember the actors, and in particular Brenda Asnicar: as a teenager, today she is a gorgeous thirty year old. The role of Antonella it was fortuitous for her, because it allowed her to become famous all over the world. But what are you doing today? On Twitter, he expressed his desire to move to Italy. And, yes, Tommaso Zorzi (even) has to do with it.

What Brenda Asnicar does today

There Divine de Patty’s WorldPatito Feo in the original language – it won us over enormously at the time. A real bad girl, a rebellious character, a strong personality, so in contrast to Patty – played by Laura Esquivel – who instead has always focused everything on her sweetness and sensitivity. As always, however, we must divide the actor from the character: today Brenda is an entrepreneuras well as successful singer.

After the soap opera, several doors opened for Asnicar. By the way, in recent times she has returned to sing the song Las Divinas on the stage of Los Mammones, an Argentine show. In addition to music, you have also worked in fashion world. His is a family of artists: his brother is a film director, musician and also has a digital animation company.

The actress has in any case continued to work in the entertainment world and on TV in particular, in the soap opera Mìa, mi amiga invisible. He has walked for many brands, has walked important catwalks and even has founded a personal brand: fashion is a great passion of hers. Career, however, is what she has always focused on.

Brenda Asnicar’s love life

The heart of Brenda Asnicar, nowadays, does not beat for anyone in particular: nevertheless, the actress has had a long association with Carlo Tevez, Argentine footballer. In 2017, he announced his secret marriage to Alejandro De Angulo: married on an island in Croatia, the couple divorced after two years. And no, despite the great harmony with the actor Gastòn Soffritti – Matias de Patty’s World – the two actors have never been together. Today, Asnicar is single and has several interesting projects.

Brenda Asnicar in Italy: her desire

Everyone has life plans for the future, including Brenda Asnicar, who on Twitter shared her intention to moving to Italy, asking for advice. In addition to having always shown a great passion for the arts, since she was a child she has known Italian, from the moment she attended the Italian Cultural Center of Villa Adelina. There he learned our language and, therefore, he would have absolutely no problems living in Italy.

But there is more, because the actress would have asked Tommaso Zorzi, winner of the GF Vip 5, some suggestions on our beautiful country. It was revealed by the showman himself on social media. “Today I finish recording and I see that I receive a message from Brenda Asnicar telling me that she is moving to Italy and asking me for information on various rentals and houses. I mean, boy, do we realize? I’m about to crown the dream, hello mom ”.