the secret with Alain Delon

Caroline of Monaco and Alain Delon, the daughter of Grace Kelly and Rainier III confesses everything after years. Here is what secret he kept hidden with the complicity of the famous French actor. Unthinkable.

Caroline of Monaco –

Caroline of Monaco and Alain Delon guard a secret but after years the confession of the princess arrives. That’s what they kept everyone in the dark about in Munich. Incredible.

Caroline of Monaco, the unexpected confession

Caroline of Monaco still represents today one of the main components of Grimaldi family. Pillar of one of the most powerful dynasties in the world, it is the reference for the other members of the Principality, in particular for the brother Albert II and sister Stéphanie.

Carolina Grimaldi
Caroline of Monaco –

His private life has always been very turbulent. After three complicated marriages who did not give her the hoped-for happiness, for a period of time she found a smile next to one of the most beautiful men in the world, the French actor Alain Delon.

Right with him, he has kept a secret for a long time. Do you know what they kept hidden from all the subjects of the Principality? Absurd.

The secret kept by the Princess and Alain Delon has been revealed

Alain Delon and Carolina of Monaco they have known each other for a lifetime and according to sources close to the Grimaldi family, the Princess would have entertained even one romantic relationship with the actor in the period immediately following her marriage to the prince Ernesto Augusto of Hannover.

Alain Delon
Alain Delon, yesterday and today –

No confirmation for this gossip but everyone has always noticed the great complicity between the real actor. On several occasions the two were paparazzi togethersmiling but above all accomplices, with sweet eyes that expressed love and tenderness.

Well, right there daughter of Grace Kelly and Ranieri IIIand the most beautiful sex symbol in the world, Delon, they have kept a secret for years that only now comes out. Comes the unexpected confession of Carolina that leaves everyone speechless.

The French weekly France Dimanche dedicates an article to Albert II’s sister and her relationship with the actor Alain Delon. The royal and the interpreter have always been close friends, even when Alain suffered a double stroke in 2019the Princess has always been close to him, showing him all her affection and closeness.

Alain Delon
Alain Delon after the stroke –

Well, the two had, before the actor’s health problems arose and especially before the pandemic broke out, the idea of ​​creating a project dedicated to children and the defense of animals.

Everything had already been organized: the event was supposed to be held in the Hotel de Paris and important guests such as Brigitte Bardot. Unfortunately everything is up but soon, if Alain Delon’s health conditions allow it, this should happen gala event for the launch of the new foundation to which Carolina and Alain Delon are particularly fond.

But that is not all. The Princess would be invited by the actor to take part in another one as well important project: participate as godmother at the awarding of the Alain Delon prize to young emerging actors / actresses. To launch the indiscretion a German weekly.

For now it is not known whether the royal has accepted the invitation or not. Meanwhile at court it is rumored that between the actor and the Princess there has always been more than just a friendship … will it be the truth?

Alain Delon and Carolina
A German magazine launches the scoop on the Princess and Alain Delon –