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A new truth about Tomaso Trussardi’s separation comes out. Here is the reason behind the actions of the entrepreneur

After many months, finally, we discover a very important detail about Tomaso Trussardi and at the end of his marriage. For several weeks Trussardi was one of the protagonists of numerous gossip articles, precisely because of the media storm that is arrived on his life.

In fact, all of us are aware of the fact that, for many years, the entrepreneur has been married to Michelle Hunziker. A marriage that ended later 10 years. The name of Tomaso Trussardi is known by many as he is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Italyas well as being one of the sex symbol most appreciated by the female gender.

Numerous were the positive results which he managed to obtain during his career, also thanks to theI commit he was born in hard work to which Tomaso has never pulled back. It is the city of Bergamo that gave birth to Trussardi in 1983. Over the years he has become one of the more powerful men of the Italian entrepreneurial landscape, to the point that his company is considered a real point of reference for many.

This is the reason for the separation of Tomaso Trussardi

Tomaso Trussardi here's what he did

And that’s exactly where he works like CEOnot refusing on some occasions too different tasks. In fact, in multiple situations, we have seen it as celebrity endorsement of a line of perfumes supported by his sister. He also held the role of judge within a show dedicated to fashion, Project Runway.

So Tomaso manages the company created by the grandfather together with sisters Gaia And Beatrice. Over the years, this small family business has become very strong in the Italian market even reaching invoice 152 million euros. Furthermore, based on what we read in some magazines, it seems that his company assets can be quantified around 300 million francs.

For many years Tomaso Trussardi shared his life with the beautiful Swiss presenter, Michelle Hunziker. However, their relationship ended a few months ago. Moment in which Michelle communicated through her social profiles that, after 10 years of marriage, they took the together decision to change your own life project.

Despite having separated, they continue to put le first two little girls they had together. For Sun And Heavenly they try not to make those who, very often, are the ones to weigh at all consequences of a separation. In the last period, however, light has finally been shed on reason which led the two to take different paths. Since they divorced, more than once the couple has ended up in the spotlight along with Eros Ramazzotti.

In fact, Michelle has often stated that, between her and her ex-husband, there is no one relationship that goes beyond friendship. It seems in fact that, if the couple broke out, the guilt is to be attributed to Tomaso. In fact more than once the entrepreneur has been paparazzi together with other women of immense beauty, and that he has been away from home because of business trips.

It seems that all of this was the cause of it dismissed Michelle and Tomaso. More and more, up to bring them to take the decision to separate.