Tomaso Trussardi soon forgets Hunziker, the unknown but intimate woman next to him is a blast. Everyone goes crazy

Tomaso Trussardi showed himself in a photo with her and that photo reached a like boom. The beautiful girl who stands alongside him in the photo is not well known in the entertainment world. Let’s see who it is.

Tomaso Trussardi he is among the most influential in the world of high fashion, with a strong personality who has taken on the role of CEO in his company, Trussardi. The man has often been at the center of gossip due to his long relationship, which lasted ten years with the presenter and former model Michelle Hunzikerrecently completed.

Tomaso Trussardi is originally from Bergamo and has demonstrated from an early age his strong entrepreneurial sense and leadership in the family company he bears his name. Trussardi. Today he holds the position of CEO, but in the past he was also the testimonial of a perfume line together with his sister, holding the role of judge in the fashion talent show. Project Runway.

The brand boasts a turnover per year of 152 million euros and, according to an estimate made by the editorial “Bilan”, the company’s assets are estimated among 200 and 300 million francs.

Since the entrepreneur of the homonymous fashion house and Michelle Hunziker they said goodbye, the world of easy gossip and gossip does not stop keeping an eye on them to find some new scoop concerning their love life.

For example, among the rumors that circulated the most, then denied, there was the one about the flashback between the Swiss presenter and her ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti, and Michelle’s current alleged relationship with a doctor, already known on the small screen. Now a photo of Trussardi turns up with a beautiful green-eyed girl at his side. But there is nothing you can actually embroider on, because the woman in question, is Gaia, his sister.

Who is Gaia Trussardi

Born in 1980, Gaia Trussardi is the third of four children of the famous Nicola, son of the founder of Maison and Maria Luisa. Gaia came later Beatrice and Francesco, died prematurely from a car accident in 2003, and before Tomaso.

Enter the family business at 24, in the role of creative director, albeit specifically his greatest passion is music and it is precisely in the field of music that he embarks on his life and professional path.

Gaia’s love for music

Gaia is sensitive to social issues and his project aims to unite the music to integration. Gogaia in fact, it is the name of his artistic initiative, which has set itself the goal to make music, the bridge between different cultures. The young Trussardi also tries to help emerging talents with concrete entrepreneurial activities.

On the personal front, how is Gaia Trussardi’s life? Gaia Trussardi is very reservedbut everyone is aware of her marriage from 2010 to 2016 with the entrepreneur Ricardo Rosen. Later filed the story with the Spanish, she got married to Adrianno Gianni, in 2019, after having met him in 2017. In terms of beauty, you can clearly see it: Gaia is beautiful, and she looks a lot like her younger brother, who has been a bachelor again for a few months.