Roby Facchinetti and his large family

Roby Facchinetti guest today of Sunday In he also spoke of his large family: “I am truly a lucky man because my wife Giovanna is a fantastic woman because she has chosen to be a wife, mother and grandmother and she does it in such a beautiful way, full of love and affection” , explained the singer recognizing the difficulties of the woman.

If as a father he had some shortcomings due to his absence, today he has recovered as a grandfather: “They will have the task of changing and fixing our way and I am convinced of this because they do not make any differences”, he explained speaking of the grandchildren. His children sent him the good wishes, but also his grandchildren. His son Francesco could not be missing, surrounded by his children, including little Mia who just yesterday celebrated her first Communion, as remembered by her grandfather. (Agg. By Emanuela Longo)

Roby Facchinetti’s children

Roby Facchinetti can boast not only a successful career thanks to the long militancy in the Pooh, but also a large family that gave him a lot of satisfaction. The artist, in fact, had a rather turbulent love life, which led him to have ben five children, born to three different women.

One of them, Francisis certainly the most popular among his heirs, thanks to his choice initially to follow in his footsteps and thus start a career as a singer (under the pseudonym of DJ Francesco). Today, however, he has changed his path and is above all a music producer and talent scout, who keeps various colleagues under his protective wing (suffice it to mention the names, for example, of Giulia De Lellis and Riki).

Alessandra, Roby and the other children of Roby Facchinetti: a large extended family

Having children born to different mothers may not be so easy to manage precisely because those who do not have the opportunity to live with their father can suffer above all. In cases like these, moreover, jealousies that are difficult to disguise can arise. Roby Facchinettion the other hand, he managed to do it in the best possible way and very often everyone finds themselves in harmony.

From his first wife, Mirella Costahad two daughters, Alessandra and Valentina. The former achieved popularity as a stylist. Later the artist became related to Rosaria Longoni, the only one who did not become his wife, from whom he had in 1980 Francis (He too has followed his example and is best divided between his wife Wima and his ex Alessia Marcuzzi), Since 1986 he is married to Giovanna Lorenzifrom which he got two other children, Roberto and Giuliarespectively in 1987 and 1991