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Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi, one of the most famous and indissoluble couples of the show. But there is something they do not share

When we think of Maria De Filippi And Maurizio Costanzo one thing that surely many ask themselves is whether the couple’s passion is still alive after all these years. In fact, it was the same Alfonso Signorini to reveal some very special details about one of the most important couples in the entertainment world.

Although many know Alfonso Signorini as conductor of the Big Brother Viphis name is mainly related to one of the gossip magazines most famous in Italy, Who. This is a weekly in which, in each issue, stories, scoops and details of many are told well-known faces of the show.

And it is thanks to curiosity and the desire to answer every question that Alfonso Signorini was able to thrill millions of viewers during his conduct in the GfVip. The conductor-director then succeeds in uncover the most hidden secrets of the famous faces of Italian TV, and beyond.

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo do not do it together

maria De Filippi Maurizio Costanzo truth report

Among these obviously could not miss some information regarding Maria De Filippi and hers private life. In fact, we know that women always try to keep her personal sphere separate, so that no gossip can be made about what happens inside the walls of the house. Something that the presenter of Men and women never hid is theaffection and thelove who feels right towards him, her husband Maurizio Costanzo.

And it is precisely for this feeling that the two are considered one of the most beautiful couples of the small screen. Although many years have passed since their marriage, they still are today more connected than ever. But, Alfonso Signorini, he made one sensational revelation which we can also read on piudonna.

In fact, it seems that Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo do not sleep in the same bed for years now. The two spend the nights in separate roomssomething that leads us to believe that the intimate moments between them are quite rare. Always according to the statements of Signorini.

“For twenty-four years Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo have slept in separate rooms, but in the same house. It’s not a very big house, so the rooms where they sleep are close enough. De Filippi has always stated that she is a blowjob when it comes to sex. She then she will have other satisfactions in her life than her “.

Fortunately, to satisfy the life of Maria De Filippi there is hers job careersomething that still gives it great today satisfactions. All of this is certainly due to the fact that, Queen Mary, she has always loved helping people. Something that works perfectly in the program You’ve Got Mail. But then, between Maria and Maurizio, is the passion now extinguished?

The two certainly try a great one affection, esteem and love for each other to the point of being considered one of the most solid pairs. But just because they don’t sleep in the same bed doesn’t mean they don’t have intimate moments, as they always seem to be a lot related and united today again.