Ottavia was born, Orietta Berti grandmother bis: tradition is respected

Orietta Berti she became a grandmother for the second time: on April 30th at 6.15am she was born Octavia, the second child of Otis and Lia. Congratulations to the Emilian singer, who thus welcomes another granddaughter after Olivia into the family. And the great tradition of the name is respected once again.

Orietta Berti, grandmother bis: when Ottavia was born

It was not Orietta Berti who made the announcement of Octavia’s birth, but the weekly People, who previewed the news: strong certainties announced that Ottavia was born at 6.15am at the hospital in Montecchio Emilia. A few hours later, the artist decided to formalize the arrival of the second granddaughter on Instagramwhere he shared all his incredible emotion.

“Dear friends and dear friends, Octavia was born this morning at 6.15 am, our second granddaughter. Osvaldo and I are very happy and as for Olivia (our first granddaughter) we are already very much in love with the new family meatball: it is an extraordinary emotion. So strong that it is almost indescribable. It fills our hearts with joy and positivity. Being a grandparent is truly magic ”.

The story on Instagram is surrounded by many hearts, but not only, because Orietta wanted to congratulate Lia and Otis and thanked the doctors of the hospital. “Congratulations to mom Lia and dad Otis, who were great. Thanks to all the doctors, all the midwives and all the Maternity and Obstetrics department (directed by the primary doctor Daniela Viviani) of the Franchini hospital in Montecchio Emilia for their assistance, empathy and immense professionalism. Long live Octavia “. The pink ribbon was hung on the wall of the house: “It is born Octavia“.

Orietta Berti, the announcement to Verissimo

The artist, who in recent years has been experiencing a glorious period for his career, had announced the pregnancy of Lia Chiari, wife of his son Otis, during an interview with very true by Silvia Toffanin. The couple has another daughter, the eldest daughter Olivia.

“My son and partner told me two months ago. I, I admit, I hadn’t noticed anything “. In addition to Otis, Berti also has another child: Omar, of which not much is known, as it is very private and cares about your privacy. Omar, at the moment, has no children, but of course he too will respect the rule of O, a tradition that Orietta and Osvaldo are very fond of.

The family tradition: names with O

Orietta, Osvaldo, Otis, Omar, the granddaughters named Olivia and Ottavia. There is a “rule”, which is more of a tradition, in the family Berti-Paterlini. Because all their names start with the letter O. And, in fact, always a very true, the singer had mentioned the possibility that, once again, a way would be found to respect the nice custom. “I don’t know what they’re going to call her because they still mess with her names. Certainly the tradition of names with the O will be maintained“. And so it was: she certainly could not have been otherwise.

Orietta Berti formalizes the birth of Ottavia on Instagram