Pier Silvio Berlusconi, who knows when he found out! Infinite joy at home

Pier Silvio Berlusconi spent unforgettable moments in a very important day for him. With his family he also found father Silvio and it all ended with a crazy gift received from… guess what?

His life is intense because this is what his role requires. Being at the top of a large company involves not only having to always demonstrate, and to everyone, that you deserve the role occupied, but also, and above all, making sure that the company that has the honor, and the burden, of directing grows, becoming more and more competitive on the reference market.

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Pier Silvio Berlusconi he knows these things perfectly, because he learned them from his father, Silvio Berlusconi, which that company created a few decades ago. A few days ago father and son met in a wonderful place for an important family event.

And Pier Silvio she also received an amazing gift from someone very special. What event are we talking about, who then gave what to Pier Silvio Berlusconi?

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, a party dedicated to the family

A unique day, for the event that touches each of us. But if it happens only once a year, you can’t risk having it pass anonymously, you need to honor it to the fullest. And Pier Silvio Berlusconi he wanted to celebrate his birthday in the most beautiful way. Absolutely.

For his 53rd birthday, celebrated on 28 April, the executive vice president, as well as managing director of Mediaset, has in fact chosen his brand new and wonderful residence in Portofino, to spend a day with his family.

Villa San Sebastiano it was the magnificent location that welcomed the manager together with his historic partner, Silvia Toffanintogether with their two beautiful children, Lorenzo Mattia And Sofia Valentina. Surprisingly, very welcome, dad also arrived Silvio Berlusconi accompanied by Marta Fascina.

Three generations of Berlusconi, Silvio, Pier Silvio, Lorenzo Mattia And Sofia Valentina surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of the villa as well as by the splendid panorama that can be admired from there. But on the day of the birthday one must also bathe with an important gift. What he got for his birthday Pier Silvio Berlusconi? In this case, Gossip and TV comes to the rescue, which citing the weekly Chi, reveals what gift was received by the manager and by whom.

Silvia Toffanin has thought of a somewhat special gift, with a slightly nostalgic flavor, but absolutely wonderful, namely one Mini Moke, an ideal car for the beautiful season that has just begun and which made its beloved companion go crazy with joy. The cost of the car? Although it is a used car, since it has been out of production for some time, its cost would not be less than 20,000 EUR.

Villa San Sebastiano

Villa San Sebastiano it was the worthy and unforgettable location of a beautiful day spent by the Berlusconi family. A property with an important history behind it and a unique charm.

An investment, equal to approx 20 million euros, which surely Silvio Berlusconi will have appreciated. Then all together they decided to spend a few hours in the splendid Ligurian town.

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