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The illusionist who deludes himself. It happens to Marco Berryto the century Marco Marchisioformer historical face of Hyenaswho planned to nail his former partner Matteo Migliano to return over 340 thousand euros stolen, according to him, between 2012 and 2016 by his companies and non-profit organizations. But this did not happen. As Irene Famà tells on Press, judge Roberto Ruscello acquitted Migliano because “the fact does not exist”. “Singular reconstructions that find a clear documentary denial”, reads the sentence. The investigations, recalls the article of the Pressstarted in August 2016, when “Berry and his partner, partners and legal representatives of the artistic events company Solution in magic and Berry as president of the non-profit organization Magic for children, lodge two complaints against Migliano, in the first case a de facto administrator and in the second treasurer. Migliano had just slipped from the company structure. And only at that point Berry would have begun to be interested not only in the creative aspects of the business, but also in those relating to economic management. Version that the judge does not consider credible “.

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But Berry’s troubles aren’t over. He, as a de facto administrator, and Migliano, as a legal administrator, are under investigation – reveals Famà – for fraudulent bankruptcy because of the Fly Experiencethe company that had made the free fall simulator next to the Le Gru di Grugliasco shopping center. A futuristic initiative, the first Italian “wind tunnel” inspired by those of Dubai and London, which ended with a bankruptcy declared in 2016. The investigations are underway, but for Judge Ruscello the story of the Fly Experience “affects the credibility” of Berry because “it denies his reconstruction of unawareness about the economic and managerial aspects of companies”.

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