Beatrice Borromeo unexpected turn, sensational escape: what is happening

Beatrice Borromeo has left the Principality. Packed your bags, she moved to an Italian city for an unprecedented escape.

Packed suitcase, say goodbye to the Rocca, Beatrice Borromeo he left Monk. In these days you have faced a journey in which you have combined business with pleasure. A unexpected escape with which he pulled the plug, taking a break from the royal agenda.

Beatrice Borromeo (Instagram)

The journalist and model, 36 years old, she did not face this journey alone, being able to count on husband, Pierre Casiraghi,

Days ago the couple left for Italy, Beatrice’s country of origin, disembarking in one of her most beautiful cities: Venice.

In the Serenissima they took part in an important charity dinner organized by Diorheld at the Teatro della Fenice, created on the occasion of the inauguration of the 2022 edition of the Biennialreturned after two years of detention dictated by the pandemic.

Showing themselves very elegant, showing off designer clothes from the well-known Maison, the couple attracted attention globally. After the engagement Pierre and his wife did not go home immediately, dedicating themselves one love escape Without precedents.

Beatrice Borromeo, sensational love escape: strong emotions

Beatrice Borromeo: sensational escape
Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi (Instagram)

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When you need to unplug, a trip is what you need and Beatrice and Pierre know it well as they have relaxed in the quintessential city of love.

After participating in the Dior gala dinner in Venice, remained in the Serenissima to spend relaxing days among its beauties. Open-air museum, they got lost in its streets and then visited the Biennale.

Dressing as tourists, they enjoyed coffee and wine while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Lagoon. There were also long walks and a tour of the Lido: between the trips they did not give up the comfort of the water taxi to move around the Grand Canal.

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Relax, they have been pinched at various points in the magical city. With lots of sunglasses, despite being casual dressed, they appeared Very cool. Deeply in love, on their faces you can read all the joy and carefree that these vacation days have given them.