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Alfonso Signorini has decided to reveal some bewildered details about a vip. It’s about a famous actor who entertains young guys

In the last period, the characters of the entertainment world end up less and less at the center of themedia attention. And it is precisely to put an end to all that, Alfonso Signoriniwanted to talk about them, about those who appear every day on the small and large screen, thus revealing some details about their account.

By now everyone knows Alfonso Signorini, not only as director of the largest gossip magazine Whobut also for having conducted very well the latest edition of Big Brother Vip. This was an adventure that, the journalist, lived almost as if he were himself a competitor of the house.

According to what Signorini says, today as today, the press is flying over the private life of the various well-known faces of the entertainment world. Something that he himself has decided to remedy. And so he chooses to take how landmark just theAmericaa place where gossip never sleeps.

The disconcerting revelations of Alfonso Signorini

Alfonso Signorini, the truth about the great actor

This is a situation that is being experienced especially in the last period, in which it is following assiduously the situation between Amber Heard And Johnny Depp. Following the example of American journalists, Alfonso Signorini has also chosen to underline some things that they will surely do to raise the hair of many.

And so, just as we read about piudonnaSignorini chooses to open his mouth and reveal the details inherent to a personage to which we all are very fond of. And so we start reading about details about betrayals and somewhat bizarre ways of save money. The first victims of Alfonso Signorini is just one couple who have chosen to follow the path of the classic “open couple”.

And so Signorini reveals of one sensational scoop, in which the two appear smiling in the various gossip magazines during the day. While in her private life she manages to find her happiness with his personal trainerwhile he spend whole days with a ‘other woman. She would be the only love of her life, inside a 5-star suite, at the Roman castles.

Although they are different clues that Alfonso Signorini releases on the couple, the journalist deliberately chooses to hide names. Despite this, he continues revealing others as well baffling details. “There is the actor, now aged, who prefers young boys found on dating sites to his wife (his accomplice), whom he welcomes into his home disguised as a nurse”.

A bomb launched but not triggered, precisely because the names of the protagonists were hidden. For sure the scoop will be shouted immediately, when the faces are revealed protagonists of this story. Of great impact is certainly a revelation of an actor who does dress as a nurse to wait for the arrival of young aitanti known online.

He then also spoke of an actress who found a different way than usual to avoid spend excessively when he chooses to spend a night out. “She goes around with a bag of dead flies in her purse. He puts them in the dessert at the restaurant so as not to pay the bill “.

Who knows why Signorini has revealed so many details. But she didn’t mention any names. All that remains is to keep following him, and see if she will share others interesting details on the vip.