UeD, scandal to the throne over: everything turns out about Ida and Riccardo

UeD, scandal to the throne over by Maria De Filippi: Ida and Riccardo have been caught, the whole truth comes out. Finally revealed the secret that lasted years. Unimaginable.

Ida and Riccardo, protagonists of UeD – BedQuotidiano.it

Ida and Riccardo unmasked publicly. New scandal in the living room of the feelings of Maria De Filippi. A secret which no one was aware of and kept hidden for a long time.

UeD, Spotlight on Ida and Riccardo

Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri are among the most discussed and talked about protagonists of the throne over of Men and women. The lady from Brescia has never abandoned the Marian transmission and despite the disappointment with her ex, she always tried to find love in UeD.

Riccardo and Ida from UeD
Riccardo and Ida from UeD – LettoQuotidiano.it

Instead, after a period of being away from the studios of Canale 5, her ex-boyfriend has only recently returned to the living room of feelings Riccardo Guarnieri.

Ida and Riccardo they met just a UeD. The two left the broadcast together about 3 years ago but, far from the cameras, the lows were more than the highs experienced, so much so that they forced the lady and knight to decide to ending their relationship.

They both tried to move on but failed. However, right now it is popping up an indiscretion that leaves everyone speechless: Ida and Riccardo have been unmaskedboth have cherished for a long time a secret which finally came out. Nobody expected it from them, they disappointed everyone.

Lady and knight publicly exposed

Since when Riccardo Guarnieri is back in the studio of Men and women, Ida Platano she is smiling again. The lady from Brescia had not seen herself so cheerful and carefree for some time now.

Riccardo Guarnieri
Riccardo Guarnieri – BedQuotidiano.it

If anyone on social media talked about a alleged backfiresome others have instead implied that in reality the love story between Ida and Riccardo has never really ended. To support this hypothesis are many.

Even the well-known social investigator has published a Instagram story which has left us dumbfounded. Il gossipparo answering some questions from fans, opened the topic ‘Ida and Riccardo’.

A follower asked that what he thought of the Brescian lady and the Apulian knight and his answer was truly eloquent:

“Only they are two very fake scoundrels who have been making fun of the TV for years.”

In fact, the social investigator believes that Ida and Riccardo are making fun of everyone for a long time, too Maria and the editorial staff of Ued. Just like other gossippari and social users, he too claims that in reality the lady and the knight have never really stopped loving each other in secret and that they returned to broadcast only to increase the number of followers to gain even more popularity.

In short, Ida and Riccardo publicly exposed, their secret revealed. Unfortunately this time they are starting to lose all the credibility hitherto jealously guarded.

Ida and Riccardo
The social investigator reveals the secret of Ida and Riccardo – BedQuotidiano.it