Alba Parietti, published a photo that generated chaos: “… it’s a misunderstanding”

“It’s a misunderstanding …”, this is the caption accompanying a photo on instagram. In the shot appears Alba Parietti, 60 years old and an unchanged charm, together with a man with whom there seems to be a great complicity. But what will be the meaning of that statement? We need to investigate: it may not be what it seems.

Alba Parietti has always had a lot of fans and also a lot of followers. For its beauty, its charm, its sensuality, its being fierce but always with style. And at 60 she is as beautiful as ever. Actress, showgirl, presenter, she has put together many experiences.

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And always with the exact same desire for get involved. Even in love. And here she is on social media appearing next to a man, hers fiancé, so it is clear. Comments immediately flocked. But what did he mean by that term, “misunderstanding“? What was he referring to?

Alba Parietti comes out into the open

Alba Parietti has always liked hers very much determination. Her strong character also led her to clash with someone, as on the occasion of the show Dancing with the stars, but she has always been able to rise to the occasion, without fear of negative judgments. She is a woman who has also known how to get involved often, in work as well as in private life. And, indeed, at 60, she appears to have a new lovewhich from the first half declarations would seem to be an important story.

Little is known about it, she did not want to expand by giving too many explanations, given a personal situation inherent in his life that must be handled with “delicacy”, the showgirl’s words as reported by Great and deep loves those experienced by the beautiful Alba. Like the one with Christopher Lamber that made everyone dream or that, intense, with Giuseppe Lanza of Scalea. And now this news: the gossip has already been unleashed, everyone is wondering why you are talking about a “misunderstanding“.

It’s a misunderstanding …“, The VIP explains the current moment in this way

And so it would all be a “misunderstanding”According to Alba Parietti? But what, exactly? Love, yes, but in Oscar Wilde’s aphorism which must be read in its entirety to grasp its beauty, nuances and deep meaning. Or yes, “love is a misunderstanding between two madmen“, Which is to identify and underline that margin of madness that there is always in a story between two people, even more so if it is overwhelming, full of passion and feeling.

After all, without a pinch of this ingredient, it becomes all very boring, but boredom and love don’t get along very well. And then green light to feelings. And, in fact, a pinch of irrationality, to the extent that it makes you feel good. Alba Parietti writes the sentence in the instagram shot in which she appears together with a fascinating man, her boyfriend, as it turns out. “You make us dream of love“Writes a user. Little is known about itbut everyone compliments them: objectively beautiful.

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