Amber Heard sniffed in the courtroom? A video casts new shadows on the trial with Johnny Depp

The process between Johnny Depp And Amber Heard continues unabated. At the same time keep talking between the controversies and the attitudes over the top of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife. In fact, many have noticed her crying without tears in the last few hearings, assuming that she is reciting a script. But to discuss, in the last hours, is a video become viral on Twitter: Amber Heard seems to have snorted during the process.

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There judicial controversies from 50 million dollars (this is the amount of compensation requested by the actor protagonist of the Pirate of the Caribbean to his ex-wife for economic damages deriving from the accusations brought against him) is defined by all as the process of the year. But during the testimony in the courtroom of the protagonist of Aquamansomething happened that did not go unnoticed, sparking the curiosity of the social media people.


There is a circulating on Twitter video where you see one excerpt from the deposition made by the actress in the courtroom, during which Amber has held a handkerchief to his nose to wipe away the tears and in the way of rubbing his face, it would be covered one nostrilthen sniff by plugging the other nostril … from here the wave of reactions of the social users they would have accused the star from ‘drug addiction‘.


On May 5, the actress has reported an episode of sexual abuse. The fact would be happened in Australiawhere is it Johnny Depp would have it penetrated with a bottle. “I remember that I didn’t want to move because I didn’t know if it was brokenSaid the interpreter. But it is not the only dramatic episode that the woman has revealed that she suffered from her former partner. In a testimony that you made many turn up their noses. In fact, in her deposition, Amber Heard’s voice often breaks due to her reprehensible pain when she tells the judge about the episodes, but his eyes don’t seem to want to cooperate. Amber often she stops bursting into tearsbut no tears line his face. And many wonder if the actress is doing one of hers interpretations that could be worth it a whopping 50 million dollars … saved.

Last updated: Monday 9 May 2022, 19:27