Vacation on Sylt: “Catastrophic overcrowding” feared because of the 9-euro ticket


9-euro ticket: Sylt warns of too many vacationers on the North Sea

Sylt: What you need to know about the dream island in the North Sea

Sylt- What you need to know about the dream island in the North Sea

There is a lot to learn about the famous North Frisian island of Sylt. It is largely a nature reserve and is home to the northernmost point in Germany.

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9-euro ticket could trigger a rush of visitors to Sylt. What makes North Sea vacationers happy causes islanders to worry: it gets crowded on the beach.


  • The 9-euro ticket will be available from the beginning of June
  • The North Sea island of Sylt fears that the cheap arrival could bring many more holidaymakers than usual
  • It could even lead to “catastrophic overcrowding”.

Even the head of tourism has a bad feeling about it. Clear, Sylt lives off the vacationers. But not too many should come, please, otherwise it will be full Beach. Now islanders fear that their beloved North Sea island will be overrun.

They blame the planned Nine euro ticket. Because that could im Summer Crowds of tourists chug towards Sylt and clog the commuter trains. the IslandSylt Marketing Director Moritz Luft raises the alarm, is not prepared for the “expected rush“.

Almost three weeks before the start of the inexpensive tickets decided by the federal government for the local transport ensures the offer on the per Rail accessible German islands for trouble. On Usedom they warn that the train connection during the peak season are already reaching their capacity limits. The Pro Bahn passenger association warns of a “catastrophic overcrowding”.

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Sylt warns of the effects of the 9-euro ticket

And Syltern expects that in the trains that run the island over the eight kilometers Hindenburgdamm connect to the mainland, there will hardly be a free seat available. In the summer months, many trains and buses are already at the limit, even without the discounted tickets, says Moritz Luft.

The man in his mid-forties has been working on Sylt for 16 years and knows that the holiday island, which is popular with numerous celebrities, stands for champagne and star restaurants. He doesn’t want to give the impression that “a biotope of beautiful and Are sufficient“ to want to preserve, the trained hotel clerk clarifies. He thinks of families or the many youth and school groups who spend their summer holidays at the North Sea spend. Also for the “we want to maintain a trouble-free and relaxed holiday”.

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Nevertheless, Syltern has its warning of overcrowding malice brought in. In the social networks it is sometimes interpreted like this: Sylt is afraid that the mob will storm the well-known dune bar Zanzibar. On Twitter is mocking of a threatening “Syltocalypse” the speech.

North Sea vacationers flock to Sylt

Whether that will happen remains to be seen. The nine-euro ticket is to be June 1st to August 31st are valid. Is it really realistic that tens of thousands of Cologne, Frankfurt or Dresden residents blessed with slack will travel north for around eleven hours on regional express trains – simply because they can afford it?

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And gives someone who wants to travel on a budget hundreds of euros for a Hotel room out of? Between List and Hörnum, some remember with horror the “Have a nice weekend ticket‘ for 15 marks. At that time, countless short vacationers actually arrived. At the time, some complained about the “budget tourists“, which annoyed discerning regulars.

Luft appeals to visitors to use off-peak times when arriving so that the Hindenburgdamm does not become a bottleneck. Of course one could simply do more Trains use and thus provide relief, but that is not so easy.

Additional trains for holidays on Sylt?

“All local transport players nationwide are faced with the challenge that there are hardly any additional vehicles and, above all, hardly any additional staff to run additional trains and trains buses to let go,” says a spokesman for the Schleswig-Holstein local transport association. No one can predict when and where it’s really going to overloads comes. The local transport association advises Sylt visitors not to take bicycles on the train to save space.

In any case, the people of Sylt cannot expect any help from the federal government. One assumes it, it says from the Ministry of Transport succinctly, “that the traffic will be organized accordingly”.

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