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What to look out for to make it really worth it


The 9 euro ticket is a real saving for many people and a clear incentive to jump on public transport! Because now it could really be worth it. But you have to pay attention to a few things in order not to fall into cost traps. We summarize once again what is important.

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9-euro ticket: This way you don’t fall into the cost trap

Many Germans are looking forward to the 9-euro ticket, because it is also a real highlight when it comes to local public transport, simply being able to sail through the region cheaply. What I particularly like is the relaxed undertaking of being able to go almost anywhere for a fixed price. But this is exactly where the rub is: In fact, the 9-euro ticket is not valid everywhere. Anyone who is out and about with it from June 1 should find out more about it so that they don’t accidentally fall into cost traps.

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  • 9 euro long-distance ticket: What about validity in long-distance transport? The ticket is valid throughout Germany, but only in local and regional transport. So users can take the subway in Frankfurt or the S-Bahn in Düsseldorf. However, all EC, IC, ECE and ICE trains and connections are excluded from the 9-euro fun. Nevertheless, 9-euro ticket customers can also travel far with it. At least when they get from a regional train to the next regional train. You can also avoid cost traps with Deutsche Bahn’s DB navigator and view the exact costs and type of connection here.
  • 9 euro ticket: be careful when buying family and group tickets! Take a close look beforehand to see whether the 9-euro ticket is more worthwhile than a group ticket. Regional transport companies have already announced that they would like to disable other ticket purchases from machines where customers would pay too much – but whether this is also the case in time, they should check again on site before buying.
  • Traveling with a 9-euro ticket and a bike? As Deutsche Bahn explains on its website, the bike is included in the 9-euro ticket. “In principle, the chargeable carriage regulations of the participating transport associations apply,” says DB. The railway recommends renting a bike at the exit station, especially in the period from June to August, because the trains get very crowded then. And: You should avoid traveling by bike on public holidays.
  • 9 euro ticket abroad: As the online portal “chip.de” first reports, some of the German tickets are even valid abroad. If you want to travel from Munich to Salzburg by regional train, you don’t have to pay anything extra. However, this regulation does not apply to every route abroad. If you want to travel abroad, you have to check in advance whether the connection is covered by the German ticket.
  • 9 euro ticket is not valid for Flixtrain: Even when traveling with Flixtrain, 9 euro tickets are not included.
  • 9 euro ticket: what happens to subscription tickets? But what about customers who already have an annual or monthly subscription for public transport? Deutsche Bahn says: “Subscribers do not have to become active. Annual or monthly subscription holders are automatically notified by their provider (transport association or company) and informed about the billing process (reduction of direct debit or reimbursement). They must don’t do anything else.”

Many customers are eagerly awaiting the 9-euro ticket. The ticket should be valid from June 1st to August 31st.

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9-euro ticket: do students, apprentices and senior citizens get nothing?

Existing semester tickets should be valid throughout Germany during the campaign. According to the Cologne Transport Authority (KVB), it should be possible to automatically bill the university for these three months at a lower price. However, an official decision on this is still pending.

This also applies to “social tickets” and special offers for senior citizens and schoolchildren. Here, too, it is still unclear whether and to what extent they will benefit from the discounts. However, this should be clarified by the end of the month, and the 9-euro ticket should be available from the end of May. (mjä)