The truth about Steffy’s pregnancy

Beautiful Weekly Advances reveal that the truth about Steffy’s baby will finally emerge. Finn is ready to leave the past behind, while Hope just can’t make it …

The Beautiful Weekly Previewthe American soap aired every day on Channel 5 at lunchtime, they reveal that a big twist will come with regards to the affair involved Steffy, Finn, Liam and Hope. It will be revealed to all, in fact, that the Forrester is not pregnant with Spencer, but with Finn. This will bring about a number of changes, although nothing will ever be the same. Let’s go into detail by seeing the summary of the episodes together.

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Beautiful Weekly Advances from 16 to 21 May 2022

Summary Episode Monday 16 May

Liam is in pieces: he is afraid that all is lost by now, wife and family, because he still believes he is the father of the child of Steffy. Wyatt tries to console him while instead Forrester learns from Finn who is actually not Spencer the real father. The doctor then asks Steffy to marry him.

Summary Episode Tuesday 17 May

Steffy accepts the proposal of Finn and asks him for explanations on what happened regarding the child’s paternity. The girl fears that Thomas could have done something wrong, but Finn reassures her.

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Summary Episode Wednesday 18 May

Ridge and Brooke talk about Steffy: the Forrester he is saddened by his daughter’s decision to move, but he arrives Thomas which explains what happened. Meanwhile, too Hope gives the news to Liam even if he fears that it will Spencer may be sorry.

Summary Episode Thursday 19 May

Liam is shocked by the revelations of Hope. Meanwhile Thomas explains in detail a Ridge and Brooke what happened and the whole plan Vinnywhile Steffy And Finn they enjoy their happiness.

Summary Episode Friday 20 May

Hope he wants to know how he feels Liam and asks him without mincing words. Hope just can’t forgive Liam. Meanwhile Finn once again declares his love a Steffy.

Summary Episode Saturday 21 May

Thomas confesses to Brooke not to have forgotten yet Hope. in the meantime, Bill invites his son to do whatever it takes to be forgiven by his wife.