Caroline of Monaco upset, the flight of her son Andrea: it is unrecognizable

Andrea di Monaco, the eldest son of Carolina and Stefano Casiraghi, left the principality for a romantic getaway with his wife.

Just like her sister Charlotte, Andrea Casiraghi he is not very fond of court life and the air one breathes in the Principality. The eldest son of Carolina and the late Stefano Casiraghi decided a long time ago to leave Palazzo Grimaldi and settled with his wife Tatiana and their children Sacha, India And Maximilian in London. The prince and the Colombian model met in 2006 in an outing between friends and family in which Charlotte was also there. In fact, Tatiana was really a friend of Andrea’s sister and that meeting was written by destiny.

After having met, in fact, the two have never left and in these 16 years they have built a beautiful family. Jealous of their privacy, the two tend not to reveal any details of their history, which is why very little is known. However, from time to time they grant some interviews. Earlier, Tatiana revealed that she loves being with her children and that becoming her mother completed her as a woman. When she is pregnant she feels at peace with herself and with the world, a feeling that makes her stop thinking about herself and pushes her to think about everyone else.

Andrea Casiraghi, love escape in Brazil with his wife Tatiana

Andrea’s wife is a woman who loves to be busy and to work, despite her rich inheritance in fact she never stopped one day to carry on her work, with some due brackets for pregnancies and the education of children. Different is the approach to life of Carolina’s son, who prefers the mild and staid rhythms of the at work Brazil and Rio de Janeiro.

The prince practically has a second home in the splendid Brazilian city and when he has the opportunity to escape from the fast and frenetic pace of London to go and regenerate in the holiday atmosphere of the South America, including cigarettes, beer, a skate ride and cocktails overlooking the sea. A lifestyle very far from that “real” who certainly also appreciates his wife, who has that way of dealing with life in his blood. The couple is currently in Rio and will return to Europe when necessary for work commitments.

In short, although he is perhaps the most traditionalist in love among the Monegasques, the lifestyle of Andrea Casiraghi is perhaps the most transgressive and distant from the standards of his family. The sister Charlotte with age he is bent to a more staid life, while Pierre among the three is the most respectful of the family code. The younger brother is in fact the only one to have married a woman of noble lineage and he is also the one who participates most in court life.