Duran and Belli, Stoppa and Moreira: their intimate secrets revealed at ‘Le Iene’

The contract that Jennifer Lopez would have signed Ben Affleck as a prenuptial agreement continues to be discussed: the pop star and actress would have made it a clause to have sex at least 4 times a week with the star. Hyenas they put other couples under pressure in this regard, after those of last week. Delia Duran and Alex Belli, Juliana Moreira and Edoardo Stoppa unbutton and reveal their intimate secrets.

Duran and Belli, Stoppa and Moreira: their intimate secrets revealed at ‘Le Iene’

Delia and Alex have been together for 3 years and are overly hot in bed. “My reason is that Alex has to bring me a woman every 6 months”, confides the 33-year-old Venezuelan. “Her butt excites me”, adds. It is Alex who takes the initiative. They do it often, the last time on the morning of the interview: they have an average of 12 times a week. “Delia is very demanding”confesses the 38-year-old actor.

The 33-year-old and the 38-year-old former gieffino make fun of them, but they get naked

The strangest place the two did it: “In the bathroom on the plane”. The average duration of the relationship is about fifteen minutes. Alex and Delia have been masturbating since they’ve been together. “Avoglia”, he reveals. Favorite position? Both have no doubts: “A pecori * a, the top position”. He never misfired. Delia many years ago faked an orgasm. When they have to sign the contract, about the type of sex they both say: “Let’s all”. Duration? “About twenty minutes”. The two do not agree to be the last sexual partner of their life.

The 52-year-old and the 40-year-old are more embarrassed

Juliana Moreira and Edoardo Stoppatogether for 14 years, almost 15, even if a little embarrassed, they let themselves go a little. “Did Jennifer Lopez contract that Ben Affleck has to have sex 4 times a week? I also wore 7 times a day “, jokes the Brazilian. Di Edo excites her butt. He answers: “Breast”. Between romantic dinner or sex all night long, the brunette chooses the second hypothesis, Stoppa instead the first.

Both take the initiative for an evening under the sheets. The last time they made love last weekend. “Every day bothers”, she points out with a smile. The average duration of the relationship is half an hour. There Moreira And Tow they deny having masturbated since they have been together, but their face suggests a little lie. They do not clarify the preferred position, Edoardo did at the beginning ‘misfire: “Once, he was very excited.”

In the end, however, the couple is in the game

On faking an orgasm, the 40-year-old says: “I don’t like to pretend.” When they have to sign the de Hyenason sex deals per week, Juliana invites him: “Put 7 times”. On the type of relationships, the 52-year-old puts many crosses: “Passionate kiss yes, you like oral sex, no anal sex, you don’t like it”. Juliana clarifies: “Quickie no, I don’t like it.” The weather: “To the bitter end”. They both agree to be the last sexual partner of their life.

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