Elga Enardu of Men and Women tells the delicate intervention

Elga Enardu underwent a particular and delicate surgery last Wednesday 11 May. In particular, she underwent an additive mastopexy, a kind of breast lift. The operation went well, she made known the former face of Men and Women in a series of Instagram Stories on her social profile. Elga also detailed what led her to consider plastic surgery. This choice was made by her after noting that her breasts had lost their original tone and shape, developed asymmetries, especially as regards the position of the areola. Enardu also explained what the surgery consisted of, removal of excess skin, repositioning of the areolas and placing two small prostheses as filling of the upper sulcus:

Over the years, the breasts lose their tone and their original shape. In my case they have also become slightly asymmetrical (I am talking mainly about the areolar position) for this reason I will do an additive mastopexy surgery which consists of removing the excess skin, repositioning the areolas and, thanks to the implantation of two small prostheses, the furrow. The size shouldn’t vary much but the shape absolutely does ” The operation therefore did not increase or decrease her breasts, it only affected the tone of the tissues. Elga also said that she had chosen “The best ever” as regards the clinic he decided to rely on, the operation was carried out in Cagliari, the city where the young and famous woman lives. She then added that the decision to resort to surgery was made out of pure aesthetic necessity and that she has no particular health problems.Elga, Serena’s twin, was no longer comfortable with her body and that is why that she has decided to intervene:

” AND’ a part of my body that has changed considerably unfortunately and there is no cream or exercise that can improve it. It creates a slight feeling of discomfort and binds me in the choice of clothing. So since there is a solution and I have a tendency to solve, I do this intervention ”. For the rest, her life seems to be going well, for some time she has been romantically linked to Diego Daddi. The two met in the studios of Maria de Filippi, in Men and Women. Elga had been “rejected” by the knight for whom she had decided to participate in the Marcelo program and Diego had had the same experience with Claudia Piumetto. They met in the backstage of the dating show, it was the year 2009 and since then they have never left. Subsequently they went to live together in Cagliari, the city of origin of Enardu, and in 2017 they decided to celebrate their love by getting married.

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