Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri humiliates Ida Platano then shows himself jealous of Gloria

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Riccardo Guarnieri against everyone: the knight does not convince on Ida Platano and Gloria.

In bet from Men and womenbroadcast today on Channel 5whileand Alessandro Vicinanza he seems rather taken by Ilaria, so as to overcome the problem of distance, in the studio we go back to talking about Ida Platano And Riccardo Guarnieri. Nobody believes that the knight wants a simple friendship with the lady from Brescia, who in the meantime has gone out and he kissed Marco. Between one controversy and another, Riccardo go back to talking about the relationship with Glory and is rather impatient.

Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri against everyone

There new episode from Men and women opens on the comparison between Alessandro Vicinanza And Ilariawho have been dating for a week and are both getting on very well with each other. Alexander go back to the speech opened by Armando Incarnato in the previous recording, reiterating that he wants to enjoy life and that he wants a woman who is willing to participate with him in events or dinners with friends, underlining that he is scared by the distance that separates him from Ilaria but that he wants to try. We move on to Ida Platano And Marcowho commented on the photo popped up on social media, posted by some onlookers who have immortalized theirs kiss. Tina Cipollari And Maria De Filippi bring up Riccardo Guarnieri noticing his annoyed expression, but the knight denies and then throws some dig at Marco.

Seeing Ida feel bad, Riccardo he insists on knowing what the lady from Brescia thinks of him and plane treecornered, confirmed that she wanted to move forward on her personal path despite initially having tried something in seeing him again. Ida she is rather bothered by the attitude of Riccardowho took away her greeting after she refused to talk about her feelings for him. Guarnierialthough everyone tries to make him think, he is sure he is right and, judging Ida unfair, he prefers to close her here without even starting a civil relationship. Ida is very upset And Tina points out that Riccardo he wants to pretend he doesn’t care, when instead he has done everything to get the attention of his ex-girlfriend.

One is shown outburst of Riccardowho admits he was disappointed with how it ended up with Gloryfeeling offended that she didn’t want to keep dating him even though there was something beautiful between them. Glory find that Guarnieri want to pass for the victim, while she is done with everything that happened between them. The Roman lady began dating Fabiowho is jealous of the intervention on Riccardo, and has something to say: he finds a very suspicious social movement of Fabio and wants clarification. Meanwhile, Fabio and Riccardo tease each other openly.

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