Queen Elizabeth does not return to Buckingham Palace. The drastic decision

It was Queen Elizabeth who made a drastic decision that left the subjects upset, they will return to Buckingham Palace, but without her.

A decision that left everyone speechless, that of Queen Elizabeth, the subjects of her majesty could not expect something like this to happen, but the English monarch made her decision.

We are talking fervently at these hours, they will be returning to Buckingham Palace, but she will not be there, something that had never been seen before.

Queen Elizabeth has spent these last few years having to face quite difficult situations, one above all the one that most upset her was the loss of her beloved husband in 2021, Prince Philipmoreover, he had to face the consequences of several scandals that have seen the closest members of his family as protagonists.

Including the prince’s warmer Andrew of Yorkhis third son, made the front pages of world news, as well as contini disagreements with one of his favorite nephews Prince Harry, who from his marriage to former American actress Meghan began an internal struggle with the Palace.

The removal of her nephew from the royal family was a severe blow to the queen and the scandals that followed did nothing but create a climate of tension. As if that wasn’t enough, Covid has also arrived for Queen Elizabeth, and since then she has repeatedly said that she is no longer very well. Sources close by have made it known that recently Elisabetta has shown herself melancholy and fatigued, i subjects are particularly concerned about his health and emotional condition.

Queen Elizabeth

But the bad news from the palace isn’t over, Queen Elizabeth was forced to take a drastic decision, lotus go back to Buckingham Palace but she doesn’t.

Buckingham Palace remains without its queen

Sources close to the royal family have made it known that Queen Elizabeth has made a drastic decision, which has left all subjects upset, the English monarch will not take part in the spring festival, the Garden Parties which are held every year in the beautiful Buckingham garden. Palace, this is the first time in his entire life.

The reason is very simple, when painful, the queen is not well, we have been aware of her mobility problems for some time now, these do not allow her to stand too long, so much so that in the latest public releases we have seen her use a stick and it was said that in later it would have been possible that she would have shown up in a wheelchair.

The Royal Family expert released a statement, “A good decision for the Queen not to take part in Garden Parties because she would be on her feet too long. What a pity, however, precisely in the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ”.

Queen Elizabeth

A choice due to her precarious health conditions, certainly right so that the monarch can rest, but emotionally very sad, but obviously Elizabeth always thinks of everything, in fact, despite will not be present at Buckingham Palace, has already given instructions so that other members of his family are ready to take his place, namely Carlo and Camilla and Kate and William.

The passage is slowly starting, so much so that they will enter Buckingham Palace for the first time without Queen Elizabeth. Something that had never happened before in so many years of regency.