Stefano De Martino and his son Santiago protagonists together in the new Emporio Armani campaign: photos

Stefano De Martino smiles happily, then hugs the son Santiago. The two are the protagonists of the new one Emporio Armani campaign. The 32-year-old conductor and his 9-year-old child had by Belen Rodriguez together strike thanks to the complicity that has always binded them.

Stefano De Martino and his son Santiago protagonists together in the new Emporio Armani campaign: photos

Santiagoafter having posed alone and with his mother for the Rodriguez brand Hinnominate, now he returns to the set with his charming father and for a thousand and one nights brand. The couple was chosen to dress the garments of the famous brand, both the men’s collection and the kids’ collection, the one dedicated to the little ones.

The 32-year-old conductor poses with Belen’s 9-year-old child

In the advertising video, Stefano talks about himself as a parent, while images of him and his little man scroll by. “The intimacy I cultivate with mine son surely I was not angry with my father, even if he loved me as much as I love Santi, but perhaps he had no way of expressing it. Let’s try to do a little better and be a little better: be the updated version of what our parents were “explains Stefano.

In a video of the brand he reveals: ‘The intimacy I cultivate with my son certainly did not have it with my father’

“Becoming a father so young – adds De Martino – it was perhaps the best investment of a lifetime. It takes a fair amount of recklessness, because if you think about it too much, then you never have children, because it is such a huge responsibility that it really becomes the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. As long as you don’t have them, it’s almost unbelievable as a thought ”.

The former Amici dancer has an extraordinary feling with little boy

Then say Santiago He says: “To be son of two parents who do such a particular job I think it is not easy. I have been afraid in the past that Santiago was the object of too much attention, but it is something I deal with. I have realized over time that I cannot be a constant filter for mine son. I can’t filter reality from him: I tried to give him the right tools to have the right interpretation and to ensure that even the crudest things in life are able to deal with them in the most appropriate way “.

‘Building for a child gives another meaning to everything you do’, underlines the Neapolitan

“The hardest part of parenting is feeling good – underlines the former dancer of FriendsThere are no exemplary mothers or perfect fathers. Each of us becomes a parent and then improvises. I think it’s the hardest thing to feel up to this role, maybe you never have. Compared to mine father I am different, but simply because I believe that we are a generation of different fathers, we are less institutional, we feel less the weight of the role of ‘father-master’. We are freer to experience our children in an even more intimate way “.

Stefano De Martino concludes: “The best thing about being a parent is having a different look at the future: building for one son it gives another meaning to everything you do, to your work, to your way of life. Paving the way for a sonit makes everything more meaningful “.

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