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These are the cheap summer insider tips!


by Ralf Benko and Svenja Hoffmann

Are you still looking for a travel destination that is not only beautiful but also affordable? Then you are right here. Because: In times of ever increasing travel prices, we have the ultimate insider tips for you!

Cheap package tour? It’s possible here!

It doesn’t always have to be Spain, Greece or Italy – other travel destinations also have breathtaking landscapes and dream beaches to offer. Of course, you can also find offers in the popular holiday regions, but they are often far above the price you pay for a holiday elsewhere. Less frequented regions often offer everything a holidaymaker’s heart desires at unbeatably low prices. Best of all: With these prices, you don’t even have to do without the comfort of a package tour.

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For example, you can still get cheap package travel deals for Bulgaria or Turkey. In Turkey, for example, two adults can spend a week in a three-star hotel with half board for around 463 euros per person – during the summer holidays. In Bulgaria you only pay around 383 euros per person for a comparable offer. Occasionally you can also find cheap offers for Madeira or Morocco, but these are more of a lucky hit.

If you are still looking for a cheap package holiday for the summer holidays, you will almost certainly find what you are looking for in Turkey or Bulgaria. Of course, you should always check exactly what is actually being offered cheaply here in times of rising prices. Can there be a catch? Our tip: if possible, consider the off-peak times of the summer holidays for a trip. Because: While NRW, for example, is already starting the first week of vacation, the summer vacation has not yet started in the other federal states. For this reason you can find good bargains there. Departing from another city should not be ruled out from the outset either – this often saves a lot of money. And: A train-to-flight ticket is already included in many bookings, so the journey to the airport that is further away is not associated with additional costs for the holidaymaker.

However, the top priority is: compare! Don’t be fooled by the first best price, but visit various booking portals and, if possible, vary the filters you set a little. It can also be worth varying the duration of the trip, sometimes looking for nine to twelve days and with departure days during the week.

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No problem with your own arrival? We have an idea!

If you don’t necessarily need a package tour, you can travel even cheaper. Because: Especially in Croatia you have a large selection of cheap apartments. And even if fuel prices are currently at a record high, that doesn’t mean that traveling by car is more expensive than flying.

Another tip: Many vacationers limit their search for suitable accommodation to the mainland. On some smaller, lesser known islands there are sometimes even better offers and an even more beautiful sea view. With this option, the costs for the ferry trip are added, but they are for a car up to two meters high in the high season and depending on the route around 30 euros for one trip.

In addition to the mostly idyllic surroundings, a holiday on one of the islands has another advantage: Since most holidaymakers stay on the mainland, the beaches on the islands are usually not that crowded – unless the island is no longer an insider tip.

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And be careful: When looking for a holiday apartment, you shouldn’t be fooled by the cheap prices. Because: Here the danger of falling for fraudsters is particularly high. With these tips you can protect yourself from fake offers when booking a holiday home.

There are still bargains to be had at sea too

If you prefer to spend your vacation on the high seas, you can also get cheap offers. If you don’t want to book an expensive flight as well, you should look for trips that can be reached by making your own way – i.e. trips that start at German ports. But some ports on the Mediterranean Sea can also be reached by car and offer good deals.

So not everything is expensive when it comes to travel. You have to be a bit more flexible this year – maybe it’s also a good idea to get advice from a travel agency in order to secure your ticket for the summer sun now.