Victoria Cabello talks about Barù and reveals that she has talked to him about Jessica

Victoria Cabello she is one of the most talented presenters and authors of Italian television. She currently engaged in participation in Beijing Express 2022 within which it has already left its mark. Precisely for this reason she is one of the eligible candidates of this edition together with her colleague Paride Vitale.

There Cabello she told herself to in a long interview in which he recounted the beginnings of his career a MTV until the last experience in the program of Costantino della Gherardesca. Speaking of this, the presenter wanted to recall a particular moment:

Me and Paris, the first day terrified in Cappadocia struggling with this program that I define as “horrendous-stupendous”, an unknown factor for everything. I remember the effort of finding the backpacks and running to get to the mat. And then the sweat … I felt it but luckily you didn’t feel it. There is a smell on the set …

I focused on 27 years of TV and I feel like a shitty old woman (laughs, ed). I lost control in Beijing also because it is a program where you are at the mercy of the events and the sick minds of the authors. You cannot predict anything. When I ate a penis I said to myself ‘it’s not possible’! I hadn’t foreseen it even in my worst nightmares. I went to Beijing, I ate a penis. Say I can do everything in life!

Colleagues then asked her which character she interviewed during her shows had disappointed her the most:

In the period MTV passed by to interview from Dalai Lama to Madonna to characters who were new to the music and film scene. Usually the newcomers were more difficult than the stars. The only disappointment was Russel Crowe with whom I quarreled and we went to that country. He was very nervous, he was in all the pink papers for the story with Meg Ryanhe treated my crew very badly and I defended them.

And speaking of “set kisses”, the Cabello said he remembered one with particular “affection”:

I never gave fake kisses. I didn’t put my tongue in it but they were mold kisses. I have not denied it to anyone. What stuck with me most is the one with George Clooney when we got married at a press conference. Imagine that there was the world press, me getting up on crutches, the groom and kissing him with the fake priest Pif. I remember it with great fun and affection. The day before, however, I had broken my leg and I did not want to cast it because I wanted to wear the de suit Hyenas.

After running for 2 years, from 2011 to 2013, the program “Those who football“, Then the time came in 2014 to land in X Factor. The question they asked her in this regard was: “How did it go for you? The jury is being renewed for the upcoming edition. Have you been contacted? Would you be interested? “

However, I would say no. I was objectively shitting on the jury. I tell myself. When I find myself in the midst of certain mechanisms … I was very fond of Under Women, I had a (never had) super protective maternal instinct. I like to laugh and have fun and there I could not find the right key. I cried every two minutes and I would say no. I am very happy with the return of Fedez is that Amber accepted!

To conclude, the question about love life could only be present. While Victoria is a fairly reserved woman, on this occasion she wanted to reveal that she is on excellent terms with her ex Barù and he also said that he had talked to him about Jessica Selassié:

We are great friends and I have remained very good friends with all my exes. We chatted, we talked about her new project linked to a restaurant. I gave him some suggestions for the menu and I wish he didn’t miss the peppers. Then we talked about Jessica (Selassièknown al Big Brother Viped), having done the stake of the heart for a life, who better than me could give him advice from the heart?