China Suarez falls back on it, the model puts another couple in crisis after Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

The winter of 2022 was animated by the gossip that saw China Suarez as the undisputed protagonist who in November last year triggered the crisis between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardiā€¦ but it doesn’t end there.

It was a very troubled winter the one experienced by China Suarez believed to be the main culprit of the crisis between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardiwhen the Argentine model discovered the flirtation she had just begun with her husband, it was an exchange of messages that prompted the two to take a break almost on the verge of divorce.

Shortly after the footballer’s influence Paris Saint Germain they managed to find a slight serenity, here is that the model responsible for the crisis that occurred in their marriage would return again to look for Icardi … even if the gossip was over in no time at all.

China Suarez after Icardi aims another player

We recall that shortly after the launch of the gossip relating to the crisis Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi reference was made to a possible flirtation between Rodrigo De Paul and the Argentine model China Suarez. The footballer, happily married at the time, immediately denied any type of costs for connection with the model in question, even if not many months ago there was talk of the start of a love affair with the Disney star Tini Stoesselknown face of Violetta.

Over the last few hours the Corriere dello Sport portal would have referred to an alleged rapprochement between Rodrigo De Paul And China Suarezwhich would have managed to undermine the new relationship of the player in question.

Rodrigo de Paul succumbs to the charm of the model?

The gossip we refer immediately made the rounds of the web also considering the fact that Rodrigo De Paul he has always shown a certain interest in wanting to keep his private life secret and above all out of the spotlight in the media.

The alleged flirtation between the footballer and China Suarez again casts shadows on the past of the athlete who would leave his wife shortly after meeting on his path Tini Stoessel. In any case, it is a rumor launched by the gossip column and that at least for the moment I do not find real confirmation, given that the meeting between Rodrigo De Paule and China Suarez it could have happened before this and contracted the Disney star and decided to follow the heart and love he feels for the superstar in the utmost secrecy and away from the media.