Competition: 2 exclusive nights in »Grand Park Hotel Rovinj«

The unspoiled nature, the Mediterranean climate and the indented coast with its numerous islands, the gastronomic offer that has received numerous awards from the Michelin team, and the unique culture and history are just some of the Qualities of Rovinj, Croatia’s top destination.

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The »Grand Park Hotel Rovinj«

That Maistra Collection flagship hotelthat to the Leading hotels of the world and virtuoso is a landmark of this historical city, situated across the bay from the Old Town, with a focus on the Church of St. Euphemia and Katarina Island.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

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The view from »Grand Park Hotel Rovinj« is truly breathtaking, but the view of the hotel is no less remarkable. The cascading structure makes the hotel visually attractive and it blends almost seamlessly into the landscape. The hotel’s six floors contain 198 rooms and 11 suites, some of which are up to 173 square meters. The large windows allow plenty of natural light into the rooms and offer the View of the fascinating and one of the most famous panoramas of the Adriatic. As soon as guests enter the Grand Park, there is a sense of familiarity and calm.

Great panorama

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The same breathtaking view of the Old town of Rovinj and the marina you can also from »Albaro Wellness&Spa« from – the part of the hotel that reveals the secrets of Istrian wellness. It is 3,800 square meters and occupies two floors of the hotel and features indoor and outdoor areas, including an outdoor infinity pool and a 50-meter indoor pool on the top floor of the hotel. But it’s the spa therapies that give guests an unforgettable experience. With healing seaweed, the first olive press and local herbs soaked in liqueur, one can experience the most fascinating Therapies of Terra Magica discover.


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fine dining

The hotel is also known for its seven fine dining restaurants and bars, including that of Chef Jeffrey Vella directed Cap Aureo Restaurant, which stands out from all other restaurants because of its love of vegetables. Whether it’s the latest addition to the restaurant collection – that with a Michelin star excellent restaurant Agli Amici Rovinjcreated in collaboration with the Scarello family, to express the innovative concept of the Viva Eufemia Bar or to cissa, a rooftop pool lounge with an unforgettable view of the city, guests of the hotel have a range of dining and fun & entertainment venues at their disposal. A visit to Laurel&Berryan all-day dining restaurant with a casual ambience for breakfast buffet, lunch and relaxed dinner, followed of course by a delicious dessert and a cup of coffee in the Katarina’sjust a few floors below.

Cape Aureo

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Chef Jeffrey Vella

During his career as chef Has vella worked with some of the biggest names in the business, like Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse Group, Jean Christophe Novelli etc., he has managed some of the most prestigious houses around the globe and has now been working with a dedicated for two years Team of chefs and sommeliers at the Cap Aureo restaurant. His approach to food has always been based on defining locality, using local, seasonal and regionally significant products and creating a story about them. For this reason he has been working since the opening of the Cape Aureo working closely with fantastic local growers and fishermen who care about what they supply and produce.

Chef Jeffrey Vella

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The most beautiful sunsets

That restaurant is located on the fifth floor of Five Star Hotels and has a glass-walled terrace from which to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. That »Cap Aureo« specializes primarily in vegetables, which is why it describes itself as “vegetable-loving”. The menu consists of 20 disheswho are at the seasonthe location and the love for the region orientate. The menu changes monthly, and as the current adaptations to the microclimate have become the new norm, some items from the menu change every three weeks. the wine list has been carefully compiled and includes a range of champagne and wine labels, vintage champagnes and sparkling wines, while the still wines are mostly from Croatian wineries.

Stunning sunsets

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Participate and win – Who owns one relaxed break With unforgettable view and grandiose culinary delights wants to win, this should be Contest don’t miss it!

It will 2 nights for 2 people in »Grand Park Hotel Rovinj« in one Premium Sea View room with a rich breakfast and a dinner for 2 people in the »Cap Aureo« restaurant.

Just answer the questions and play along!

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What city can you see from the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj?

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What architectural structure makes the hotel so distinctive?

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How many floors does the hotel have?

Question 4/7

How big is the Albaro Wellness&Spa area?

Question 5/7

How many fine dining restaurants and bars are there in Grand Park Hotel Rovinj?

Question 6/7

Which top restaurant is headed by chef Jeffrey Vella?

Question 7/7

How many seasonal dishes can be found on the Cap Aureo restaurant menu?


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