Matteo and Valeria Men and Women | Caught like this after the choice and the throne

The love story between the former tronista Matteo Ranieri and his suitor Valeria Cardone is an interminable honeymoon: here’s how they were caught

The love story between the former tronista is proceeding at full speed Matteo Ranieri and the suitor Valeria Cardone. If anyone still had doubts about the sincerity of his feelings towards Valeria, the latest video posted by Matteo Ranieri on his Instagram profile has certainly convinced even the most skeptical about it.

Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone-tipiu-13/05/2022

The ex of Sophie Cadegoni, in fact, in the aforementioned video, a collage of public and intimate moments of the couple, unable to express his love like any true lover, entrusted himself to the famous actor and director Carlo Verdone whose voice while playing the protagonist of one of his films is a sound commentary on the images: “Fulvio, those eyes, that pair of eyes that shone, seemed like two headlights, two torches and that blinding smile it seemed to see the sun when she laughed, believe me. Fulvio, when a man feels that look on him, that expression but it is inevitable that something explodes inside him... ”, says the talented Carlo Verdone. If that’s not love, then what is it?

And since, as mentioned, the ineffability is typical of lovers, the comment of the recipient of this very romantic declaration of love, Valeria Cardone, could only be “without words“.

Matteo Ranieri, his path to “Men and Women”

Some romantic moments extrapolated from Matteo Ranieri’s video-13/05/2022

Matteo Ranieritherefore, he has finally found his soul mate in Valeria Cardone, yet his path in the well-known dating show “Men and Women” was somewhat bumpy: in fact we made his acquaintance as a suitor of the tronista Sophie Codegoni that after the classic push and pull has chosen it. The two thus started a relationship that, however, far from the spotlight and the cameras of the cult program of Maria De Filippi, it had a short life, with a lot of controversy over the mutual accusations.

After this disappointment, Maria De Filippi gave him another chance by choosing him as a tronista. Among those who came forward for him, in the end they remained in the ballot Federica Aversano and Valeria Cardonewith the latter, as is now known, who won him because, as Matteo Ranieri himself explained, from the first moment he laid his eyes on her he warned an intense emotion and therefore in the light of this he understood that the fateful spark had struck.