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The mask requirement on the plane continues to apply here


The EU hammer: From May 16th, masks will no longer be compulsory on airplanes. However, the new regulation comes with a big but, because the easing does not have to be implemented. We explain on which flights you can do without the mask from Monday – and where not.

Masks are still compulsory in Germany

The responsible EU authorities are relaxing their recommendations for corona protection in air traffic. Among other things, as of this Monday, a general recommendation to wear medical masks in airports and airplanes will no longer apply, as the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA and the EU health authority ECDC announced on Wednesday.

  • If there is a government obligation to wear masks on public transport at the point of departure or at the destination, this should also continue to apply on board the aircraft, according to the recommendation. In Germany, for the time being, the general obligation to wear masks on airplanes will remain.

However, the aviation industry is now demanding its abolition. When asked in Berlin, the Federal Ministry of Health explained that the national authorities decide on the obligation to wear masks. It therefore continues to apply to all domestic German routes and flights that take off or land in Germany. According to this, FFP2 or medical masks must be worn when boarding and disembarking and throughout the flight. You can only lose it by eating and drinking. Children under the age of six are exempt from the obligation.

What is changing for vacationers?

For holidaymakers this means: Nothing will change on flights to and from Germany. However, this can be different for connecting flights abroad. Here, the obligation to wear a mask depends on the applicable measures. If in doubt, holidaymakers should find out about the measures taken by the respective airline.

From the point of view of RTL travel expert Ralf Benk√∂, this makes sense, as he explains on ntv: “The aviation industry has been emphasizing all the time that the air conditioning on board is so good. That’s right, but above all they were very good effective if you’ve worn a mask.” Based on this knowledge, the aviation authority originally recommended that masks be compulsory.

The Infection Protection Act, which stipulates that masks must be worn on airplanes and long-distance trains, applies until September 23rd.

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Ryanair publishes list of countries: the mask requirement still applies here

After the relaxation of the EU recommendations, the mask requirement on all flights in Europe is by no means eliminated. On Thursday, Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair published a list of 15 EU countries in which national laws still require the wearing of face masks to prevent corona.

  • Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic and Cyprus

If there is a state mask requirement in public transport at the point of departure or at the destination, this should also continue to apply on board the machines, according to the aviation safety agency EASA and the EU health authority ECDC.

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Ryanair welcomed the easing of the recommendations. From Monday, wearing face protection will be optional on flights between countries that are not on the list. It is expected that the states will change their regulations in the coming days in line with the guidelines, said airline boss Eddie Wilson according to a statement. (dpa/lra)