Eva Henger and Mercedesz, have not spoken for two years: finally the sad reason

Eva Henger and Mercedesz Henger have been very close for years but all of a sudden the splendid relationship between mother and daughter was abruptly interrupted. For a long time the public wondered what had happened and finally the whole truth about their breakup emerged.

The two women stopped talking to each other for a long time following an event that caused both of them deep pain.

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Finally discovered why Eva Henger and Mercedesz Henger have not spoken to each other for over two years.

Eva Henger and Mercedesz, because they don’t talk anymore

The beautiful Eva Henger, a Hungarian model and actress who became famous in the Italian show business in the nineties, she had a long and intense love affair with Riccardo Schicchiwho unfortunately passed away ten years ago, due to the diabetes mellitus that hit him in 2012.

Eva had had a previous romantic relationship from which a beautiful daughter was born, Mercedesz Henger, born in Gyor, Hungary, on August 18, 1991. Riccardo, although not his natural father, has always wanted her to be his daughter in all respects. The two have always had a very strong bond, yet something serious happened a while ago, which alienated the two women.

In fact, mother and daughter have been two years without ever speaking. Eva Henger even wrote on her social channels that her daughter had killed her father, for the second time, but why? What happened? Finally after a long time the truth has come out.

The reasons why there was no dialogue between them for years

Mercedesz Henger, was a guest in the broadcast studios Live It is not the d’Urso, and so, to Barbara D’Urso’s microphones he said what he thinks, and apparently has always thought, about his father Riccardo Schicchi: “I will never say that Riccardo is not my father, Riccardo is my father in all respects. Except the organic one. I’ve known this thing since I was 17, my mom told me. “

That is why Eve was so pained. However, the two began to have a dialogue again when, a short time ago, the girl left for the adventure of the Island of the Famous. Eva, in liaison from Italy told Mercedesz, that she is on the island of Cayos Cochinos, in Honduras: “I am very proud of you. I know there have been ups and downs between us but once we get home we hug each other tightly ”.

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