Men and Women, Alexander the sad confession: serious health problems for the knight

Men and women, Trono Over, Alessandro Vicinanza in a moment of “opening” confides that he had health problems in his past. Problems that then led him to radically change his way of seeing and living life. With more lightness.

Alessandro Vicinanzanow the great protagonist of the Canale 5 dating show, conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi, he unbuttons more about his past while he is at the center of the studio to talk about his acquaintance with the young and beautiful lady Ilaria who he really likes very much. It wasn’t good years ago.

Alessandro Vicinanza increasingly taken by Ilaria

The knowledge of the knight seems to be progressing very well Alessandro Vicinanza with the lady Ilaria.

His previous and much talked about liason with Ida Platanoas well as the one with other women he met in the parterre, did not bear the hoped-for results but now it seems he may be very close to accomplishing the big step with another ladydefinitely very young and beautiful in name Ilaria. The two – there is no doubt – really like each other very much. A few kisses took off and we can say that they “take” almost to perfection.

He initially seemed very scared that she was living in Sardiniabut then this fear was put into a seen corner his great and real interest towards the girl.

The commentators and Armando Incarnato have their say

A problem derisory, as was soon pointed out by the shrewd commentators Gianni Sperti And Tina Cipollaribeing just 45 minutes of flight.

Then also Armando Incanato, after having asked to speak, wanted to have his say, arguing that he never had great problems getting on and off the planes to go to have fun and frolic in Ibiza!

So where was the problem if anything?

He had serious health problems and changed his outlook on life, the confession you don’t expect

And that’s where it came confession, definitely unexpected, by Alessandro. In practice, the man has revealed that in the past, without – however – specifying the period, he was suffering from quite serious health problemswhich fortunately now seem to be resolved, but which have led him – inevitably and inexorably – to see and live his life differently than in the past.

In practice, if before – as he himself stated – his existence was firmly based only on work, now he is – instead – more dedicated to indulge in leisure as soon as the situation permits or requires it both during the day and in the evening. And his travels are also part of this vision, including – clearly – those also in his beloved one Ibiza.