Sonia Bruganelli, separation with Paolo Bonolis: the confession that no one expected – the Democrat

Recently, the wife of Paolo Bonolis indulged in some confessions regarding her relationship with the famous TV presenter

Until the last television season there were not many who knew the face and, above all, the character of the Roman entrepreneur. She herself spoke of her adventure as a columnist for the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. She described it as a positive experience, from which she drew what she wanted to gain: “I lent myself to GF Vip to have credibility as a person, and now I exploit it by bringing water to my mill as a TV producer”.

Sonia Bruganelli (Instagram)

Indeed, for better or for worse, the audience of the channels Mediaset he got to know it in more depth. Many viewers appreciated her interventions and her opinions, recognizing in her the fact that she is a determined woman and aware of her professional qualities.

Another part of the viewers preferred her colleague instead, namely Adriana Volpe, which resulted in some situations slightly more diplomatic. However, it must be said that the presenter from Trentino has much more television experience, which is why she is more used to measuring her words in front of the cameras.

Sonia Bruganelli, here is the confession on Bonolis

Therefore, Bruganelli is now back to dealing with what her real job is. During the recent interview with “Gente”, the woman thanked the Biscione broadcaster for the collaboration undertaken: “On TV I want to do things that belong to me. I am very happy with the role of producer also because Mediaset is giving my company a series of new productions “.

Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis (Websource)

After answering a question relating to a possible future project with Soleil Sorge, Sonia’s speech focused on the relationship with her husband. The couple have been married for about twenty years, during which they gave birth to three children. The former Big Brother Vip commentator confessed how special their relationship is, assuming a scenario that all their fans wouldn’t even want to imagine.

“There are few people like Paolo. I say this regardless of whether he is the father of my children. He is a man who, if we break up tomorrow, I would like as a friend “, Bruganelli said, as reported by Always the latter, she admitted that there are many women who “go after” Bonolis, but nevertheless nothing and no one can ever hinder their love: “Nobody will be able to come between us. This is possible because I grew up with him and he changed with me ”.