Diletta Leotta, comes out of the pool like this: skimpy swimsuit, censored photos

The beautiful season is also approaching for the splendid journalist Diletta Leotta. And a photo of her in the pool immediately triggers millions of likes. She is crazy and in top shape. A siren!

And ‘immediate stock of likes for the beautiful Diletta Leotta who still seems single. Moments of love and passion with her now ex are far away for her Can Yaman

Diletta Leotta, the Queen of sports journalism

Born on August 16, 1991 under the sign of LionDiletta Leotta is originally from Catania and is one of the most popular sports presenters of the Small Screen also in the name of her remarkable attractiveness.

His real name is Giulia Diletta Leotta, but she has decided to keep only the second to be known on TV, judging it to be simpler and more impactful.

The young girl from Catania began her career in the television world thanks to Sky Sportsbut subsequently passed to Dazn where today it is the undisputed Queen.

Many performances, not only sports …

However, his move to Mediaset in 2011 was decisive, where he conducted the broadcast La5’s birthday on the homonymous digital terrestrial network. In 2012 it became “Meteorina” of Sky Meteo 24 and in the same year he also conducted the daily streak on Texas Hold’em How you play? on POKERItalia24.

In 2014 she found herself leading RDS Academythe first talent show dedicated exclusively to radio, broadcast on Sky Uno.

For the 2015 – 2016 sports season she was called to lead Sky B series on Sky Sport 1.

And then here she is on 10 December 2021 all committed to co-conducting an episode of the Satirical news by Antonio Riccithat is to say Strip the Newspaired with the Neapolitan comedian Alessandro Siani, with whom he also worked in the Christmas film Who framed Santa Christmas?, released on December 16 of the same year.

But it is its remarkable beauty and its excellent physicality which, especially in the summer, fascinate the Italians who love to follow her on Social where she is quite active. And now a new shot of her in the pool has become in no time viral

In a real mermaid costume she captivates fans

One-piece swimsuit or perhaps a very sensual one trikini who can hardly contain her beautiful breasts. Hair down, put to the side and resting on her shoulder. Removed make-up and with a delicate and very sweet smile printed on the her pretty face. Thus the woman appears to her supporters who have gone in no time in ecstasy in front of such splendor! A real mermaidas one of his fans promptly commented – with good reason.