Laura Freddi and the dramatic revelation on abortion

In a long interview with Today is another day, last week, Laura Freddi took a step back in time and talked about the terrible pain of a miscarriage she faced in her third month of pregnancy. The terrible story dates back to before the birth of his daughter Ginevra, when the famous showgirl was married to Claudio Casavecchia. Laura confessed that she was able to go on only thanks to the arrival of her young daughter, but that that feeling of her, that malaise remained sewn on her: “It is not forgotten, it is a wound that remains. It is elaborated, as human beings we have to adapt to the good and bad things in life “explained Freddi in Serena Bortone’s living room: “I’ve always wanted to be a mother, I was making my dream come true. Today I passed it, but at that moment I was very bad and I didn’t want to try again because I was afraid it could happen again, I wouldn’t have made it “.

This somewhat marked the beginning of the end of my marriage “, also wanted to underline the well-known showgirl, regarding the relationship with her ex-husband Claudio Casavecchia. The Good Sunday icon explained the reasons behind that separation: “I had suffered physically and psychologically a lot, I couldn’t be ready to try again. He would have liked to try again immediately. Perhaps we have not understood each other. Character incompatibility also emerged. But that’s the way it went, it happens to many women “. Serena Bortone at that point asked her what could be recommended to women who have lived or who are experiencing the same situation as her, but Laura declared that she was unable, unable to give an exhaustive answer to these women: “I can’t give advice because every woman is different, they deal with pain differently.

We don’t have any rules on suffering. Who helped me? You have to help yourself. There are always advice and beautiful words, but if you are not well inside you cannot go on “. During the course of the same interview, Laura Freddi also told about her experience with the late Raffaella Carrà: “I had that school, for me she was a great point of reference. Meeting her for the first time was a great embarrassment. I knew the steps when I entered the scene, but I saw her and suddenly darkness: I didn’t remember anything. I was so into her… “. Finally, the woman let herself go to a painful memory, that of Fabrizio Frizzi: “I’m very excited to see you again. We all praised her human qualities. I found myself in the feminine part of her way of being. There is an emptiness that is felt, it is not possible that he is no longer there “.

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