The Gossip: Mauro Corona photo as a young man, Romina Carrisi and the photo with him, Meghan rough photo

Plus, Mauro Corona shows us a beautiful photo of him as a young man on social media while Romina Carrisi opens her heart to us and shows herself with a handsome man on social media. Meghan Markle makes a scandal again.

The mountaineer, writer and television personality Mauro Corona publishes on Instagram a shot that shows him when he was little more than a boy and that he had a boom of likes in no time at all. Romina Carrisi, star of Today is Another Day, is shown in a shot on Social with a man with a charm – to say the least – magnetic. And Harry’s wife is in the storm again …

Mauro Corona, a photo appears from the past: beautiful shirtless

A photograph that immortalizes appears on social media Mauro Corona still young and handsome and that has become viral in no time, after having deservedly won a real riot of likes and many throbbing hearts.

It is – in practice – a shot posted on his very popular Official Instagram profile which portrays him a shirtless and with an absolutely toned and sculpted chest, all intent on climbing, his greatest passion.

The hair and long beard, then dark, give him a lot of charm, giving him a very funny resemblance to the well-known inspector Nico Giraldimasterfully played by the late Thomas Milian and well known in our country.

Romina posts a nice photo with a man of magnetic charm. Who is?

The Carrisi brothersdespite the separation of mom Romina and dad Albanothey are more united than ever, especially the sisters Romina and Cristelwho – apparently – have never lost the very tasty opportunity to spend the Easter celebration together.

And the realization of a splendid shot posted on dates back to that moment Instagram from the first who sees her in sweet company. But who is that beautiful man from the look – to say the least – magnetic?

It is about Davor Luksic, husband of his sister Cristel and – therefore – brother-in-law of Romina, to whom he is – however – undoubtedly also very close. He is a 34-year-old wealthy businessman. Of Chilean Croatian origins, he is considered one of the richest businessmen in Croatia.

His assets are around $ 170 million and he owns numerous hotels and luxury resortscattered all over the world.

Very reserved, despite belonging to a very wealthy family, he has always preferred a life away from the spotlight as his wife, met in 2012 and married in 2016.

Meghan Markle, risque video from the past

It can be said that that of Meghan Marklewife of Prince Harry, was not at all a simple life at Court, especially for the numerous and very pressing frictions with her sister-in-law Kate Middletonwho has always shown that he has no sympathy towards him.

Furthermore the Queen has never seen her favorably. It is also known that Markle, in times before her union with Prince Harry, had a past as an actress and that she still nurtures very strong artistic ambitionsand in this direction, although in some ways he had to “let go” in order to please the Royal Family.

But what is done and done, and now a video that belongs to his past life, has made its appearance again on the Net, in particular on Tik tok. In it, Markle appears in one version femme fatale that so much appeals to her fans of the first hour with a lot of tight bodice and garter.

It is well in sight its wonderful side B.. And what will the Court and – above all – the Queen think of all this? Right now that Elizabeth ahe had decided to welcome her back into the family!