“I tell you how Lulu really is and why I blocked Barù”

Big Brother Vip

The free-wheeling Roman showgirl on princess Selassié and the former gieffino with whom she had several disagreements

Nathaly Caldonazzo in confidence. The Big Brother Vip 6, which lasted for 6 months (absolute record in the history of reality show), has now been completed for about sixty days. Yet some dynamics created within the most spied on house in Italy continue to hold the ground. The Roman showgirl, who spoke on Radio Radio in the show “Non succederà” (the program is hosted by Giada Di Miceli), made some interesting confessions about Lucrezia “Lulù” Selassié And Barù. For the first she had sweet words and understanding, for the second she had utterances that were anything but tender. The two, on the other hand, had already had several verbal clashes in the path taken together with the GF Vip.

Chapter breaking Manuel Bortuzzo – Lulù Selassié.the – explained the ex-partner of the late Massimo Troisi – living inside the house I had seen two guys really in love. I was very upset ”. In addition, he declared that the princess, due to the sentimental shipwreck, is in pieces. “I am also seeing Lulu’s suffering because I see that she suffers a lot. We wrote to each other, I see it destroyed and I’m very sorry. I hope they will get back together “, commented the former star of Il Bagaglino.

Space then to the background on the grandson of Costantino della Gherardesca. With Barù inside the most spied on house in Italy, initially, there was a feeling. There was even talk of Jessica Selassié’s jealousy towards Nathaly (the princess has always had a weakness for Barù, but not being reciprocated). The situation then changed quickly, with the chef and Caldonazzo who drifted further and further away, arriving in multiple situations to clash and sing and play them.

Did their relationships improve after the program ended? Absolutely not. “Barù – pointed out the showgirl – he didn’t invite me to the opening of the restaurant (the wine expert has recently opened a place in Milan, ed). I also blocked him on social media, when I went out he was the first one I blocked on Instagram because he had disappointed me humanly as a person“.

Nathaly Caldonazzo and the special bond with Antonio Medugno (but there is only friendship, no love story)

Finally Nathaly clarified in what relationship she remained with Antonio Medugno. With the young man he formed a very strong bond with the GF Vip. After the transmission, someone even talked about flirting between the two. Caldonazzo categorically denied this reconstruction, explaining that she has an excellent friendship with Antonio, that she feels it, but that there is no clandestine romantic relationship in progress.