Isola dei Famosi, Mercedesz Henger already engaged? Mama Eva empties the sack

The rumors about Mercedesz Henger do not seem to subside. Is the castaway from the Isola dei Famosi really single and interested in Edoardo Tavassi or does she have a boyfriend waiting for her in Italy? Mamma Eva has taken care of providing new details.

The poor Edoardo Tavassi is bound to go dry (again) a The Island of the Famous? The gossip about Mercedesz Hengeraccording to which the shipwrecked it would be anything but singleshows no signs of deflating and on the contrary, is enriched with new ones details. She really ended up between the blonde in her thirties and Fulvio Pavanati? Last week spoke to Morning Five the paparazzo Andrea Franco Alajmo, which has made public some stolen shots. Photos retouch Mercedesz Henger e Fulvio as they share a kiss. The two, according to statements by Alajmothey were together until a week before the daughter of Eva Henger left for L ‘Island.

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Arianna Davidto Afternoon Five, has vigorously denied the indiscretion, but then retract the following day, granting to voices the benefit of the doubt. Mercedesz he was already in the sights of the haters for not having returned to Italy after learning of the tragic car crash which involved the mother Evacurrently hospitalized in Rome. This parallel media storm it certainly isn’t increasing its popularity on the web.

We come to the latest updates!

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Mercedesz Henger and Fulvio Pavanati: Eva Henger speaks

Andrea Alajmotoday, it is again connected with the study of Morning5confessing that he had a long chat with Eva Henger.

He told me some details of this story of his daughter with Fulvio. He told me that it was a beautiful story of several monthsthey even went on a trip to Hungary to visit my grandmother and uncle. During this trip, Mercedesz confessed to her mom that […] Fulvio is a beautiful boy but she has never fallen in love. In any case they met even before leaving. Just follow Mercedesz, because if you follow her you can see that they are there a lot of stories together with Fulvioboth in Hungary, both while traveling and shortly before his departure.

These statements would suggest that Fulvio and Mercedesz broke up before her departure for the Reality show conducted by Ilary Blasi. So is their story really over? The answer doesn’t seem so sure. Vladimir Luxuriaduring the last episode of The Island of the Famouslaunched a dig allusive to Henger, but without going into the merits of gossip that has been overwhelming her for weeks. She who knows if she will decide to tonight take the castaway head on and be more specific …