Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone “crisis and lies”. Earthquake on the couple of Men and Women

Men and women, Classic Throne, Matteo Ranieri has chosen – somewhat surprisingly – the newcomer Valeria Cardone. But now, several weeks after their release as a couple from the famous Canale 5 dating show, some rumors begin to arise, aimed at suggesting that the two are no longer together. Is there really an air of crisis between them?

It really is over in the former Ligurian tronista and his beautiful suitor? Many on the Net argue that the two stand together only for facade and for professional and advertising reasons but which in life they have – or – started very different directions!

Matteo and Valeria, is love already fake? They are alone together for business?

Matteo Ranieri And Valeria Cardone have they already reached the end of the line? There are really many signs that can suggest a temporary or – even – definitive break between the former tronista and the suitor of Men and women.

According to the latest rumors fed by the Social columnist Deianira Marzanothe two right now they would be together practically only for facadenot to say more crudely just for work, or rather, for business!

In fact, the couple appears increasingly distant at the moment. The ex tronista and 29-year-old suitor, as well as choice of Sophie Codegoni, and the 25-year-old suitor for some time they have not published photos together on social media.

And this could – indeed – be a first serious sign

Marzano defines them as “a ghost couple” and she – in a hurry – publishes a romantic photo …

Deianira MarzanoSocial columnist and expert on Gossip, in the afternoon of May 15, 2022 he even talked about “Ghost couple”. Shortly after the massive spread of rumors about their possible crisis, the Cardone she was quick to post a photo in Instagram Stories that has all the flavor of being a way to silence them.

The shot, where the words “I miss you” stand out, he portrays her all intent on kiss the handsome Matteo.

Coincidence? Plus she wrote that she misses it... So he’s not there with her?

Shortly after, the 25-year-old left a question box for her followers, inviting them to ask her everything they wished to ask her. And – obviously – they did not miss the very tempting opportunity to ask her how are things going with the charming Ranieri

Denies the crisis

Valeria Cardone she categorically denied the birth of a possible crisis, claiming that she did not feel “touched” by gossips in any way.

He also wanted to point out that their story is booming and, despite the fact that they live far away, since she is in Casoria and he is in Genoa, they still manage to see each other on weekends.