there are those who want to throw Charlene out (despite the millionaire deal)

There is never an end to the misfortunes of Princess Charlene of Monaco: this time the enemy is not a disease but perhaps something worse.

As most of us will know by now, last year there Princess Charlene, wife of Prince Charles Albert of Monaco, she was not very well. A serious health problem forced her to stay away from the principality for more than a full year.

On her return to Europe from her native South Africa, the former swimmer she had to spend a few more months in hospital in a Swiss facility but around the end of 2021 she began to visit her children Gabriella and Jacques until the first weeks of January 2022, when she finally returned home.

However, some indiscretions, already previously mentioned elsewhere, wanted that the former swimmer did not actually live in the Palace. According to reports from some area residents, Charlene would live in her own apartment, close to but not inside the Palace properties.

Another corridor voice even whispered of a millionaire deal between Charlene and her husband, in order not to get divorced. In short, there seems to be problems in the family and now another one is rumored. It seems in fact that Caroline of Monaco (who is Alberto’s elder sister) want to drive Charlene away from the business of Casa Ranieri. On the other hand it was already known that there hadn’t been good blood between the two for some time.

Many argue that the crisis with Alberto is by no means recent, but that already from the time of the marriage between the two there was some kind of great love. To exacerbate the relationship between wife and husband it also takes Alberto’s sister, Carolina.

The German newspaper ‘Blind’ reported that Carolina would like to remove Charlene from palace life; the woman’s goal would be to oust -if we can define- the Princess to win the title of effective first lady.

The removal process would allow Carolina to gather all the attention of the spotlight on herself, participating alongside her brother in official events and demonstrations in the name of the Royal Family. So much so that the Charlene’s request to move into Roc Angel’s residence was received with great positivity by Carolina.

For her part, Charlene does not seem to want to return to the Palace

Also it also appears that Alberto have the former swimmer is not allowed to drive her off-road vehicle to return from the current residence in Monte Carlo. In short, the return home for the Princess was not the best.

Although Charlene showed up at the Monaco E-Prix, the family situation is not the best if it seems an all-on-one, to remove the woman from Casa Ranieri. Not long ago a was also chatted possible dossier against Prince Albert relating to large financial losses that would have directly involved his wife.

Shortly afterwards, rumors of a multimillion-dollar deal between the couple surfaced: it seems that it was indeed Charlene to ask for 12 million to keep the family together. According to her pacts Charlene would continue to guarantee her presence at public events but continuing to live away from the Palace, while her children would live there, spending only the holidays with her mother.