9-euro ticket: will the deal burst? These countries could overturn the project

The 9-euro ticket is the best advertisement for local transport, ideal for the holiday budget in summer. The fun brake: A federal-state dispute.

  • The 9-euro ticket is to be introduced in June
  • Shortly before the introduction, however, the project threatens to burst
  • An overview

A family with two children can save up to 200 euros if they do the planned holiday between June and August 9 euro ticket uses. In the Rhine-Ruhr area alone, a million people could benefit from the discount campaign, said the head of the regional transport association VRR, Josè Luis Castrillo, on Monday at a hearing in the Bundestag. Nationwide, the industry even expects 30 million cheap tickets to be sold – per month.

However, the introduction of the ticket, with which particularly beautiful routes could also be used, is not certain. Because the federal and state governments are arguing about the financing of the 9-euro ticket. Some countries are threatening to suspend the project on Friday Federal Council to block.

9-euro ticket: an experiment with an uncertain outcome?

As always, it’s about the money. The prospect of EUR 2.5 billion to compensate for the loss of revenue are far too low. The hearing of experts brought other findings:

  • They consider the 9-euro ticket to be an experiment with an uncertain outcome.
  • In some regions there will be overcrowded trains and buses. Jan Schilling from the Association of German Transport Companies warned against taking bicycles on busy routes.
  • The bus companies were not consulted. The head of the industry association, Christiane Leonhard, fears that the long-distance buses will remain empty. The market leader Flixbus alone expects a loss of income in the tens of millions.
  • The campaign is the best advertisement for switching from cars to local public transport. But without a significant increase in federal grants, the effect will fizzle out. With the return to the old prices, passengers may switch to cars.

Dispute over 9-euro ticket: “Whoever orders must also pay”

“If the federal government believes that it can get on the backs of the states for a three-month consolation applauded and others should pay the bill for it, then he was very wrong,” said Bavaria’s Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) of the “Bild” newspaper.

Saxony’s Transport Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) is also dissatisfied with the offer. The federal government tries Costs partially passed on to the federal states and offset against the Corona rescue package. “But if you order, you have to pay,” he explained in an interview.

Just in time for the holiday season – for 9 euros on your summer holiday

Criticism is also pouring down from the far north. While the holiday island of Sylt fears a rush of visitors, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Economics Minister Reinhard Meyer (SPD) is at odds with the financing. “No approval as long as the federal government does not provide additional funds,” he told the “Bild”.

The discount campaign has a big advantage for the citizens: the timing. She’s coming in time for summer vacation. Because: With the planned 9 euro ticket According to the traffic light coalition, all local transport in Germany should be usable – no matter how long the chosen route is.

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