“After Flavio I’m used to”: Briatore’s son follows in his father’s footsteps

In an interview as open as ironic released to ‘CHI’ and ‘ORA’, Elisabetta Gregoraci admits that her son is following in his father’s footsteps: “After Flavio I’m used to”

There are many popular sayings that always come in handy to explain how the attitude of children never strays too far from that of their parents.

It is the case of Nathan Falco, son of Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore. Despite the separation the two are always remained on good terms not only for the mutual esteem that binds them, but also, and above all, for the good of the child.

In a recent interview with the weekly magazines ‘CHI’ and ‘ORA’, Elisabetta Gregoraci confessed with sweet irony and open-mindedness how she is dealing with the first adolescent stages of his son Nathanwhich seems to reflect the saying “like father Like Son”.

Even the little one from the Gregoraci-Briatore family, in fact, seems to have the charm of stealing hearts, and mother Elisabetta monitors him in the right way by controlling his outputs but without oppressing him too much.

Nathan follows in the footsteps of father Flavio Briatore

The phase of the first outings, as we know, is always a painful period for parents. It is the moment of their life in which you have to control the outputs of the children knowing how to find the right compromise for their safety but without ever oppressing them.

This is what mom Elisabetta is trying to do, who told the weekly ‘Ora’ how she is scrutinizing her son’s first crush and the first outings with friends.

In a recent interview with the weekly ‘CHI’, the Calabrian presenter expressed a reflection on how quickly time passes without giving us the opportunity to realize it.


And, precisely in this regard, he spoke of the son which is growing rapidly and seems to assume, by now, the appearance of a real little man.

Her fear is not claustrophobic, on the contrary: as a mother she knows very well that it is right to control her children in this delicate phase, while leaving them the way to express themselves freely.

Especially in terms of loves and discoveries of sexuality.

“Nathan at 12 discovered girls, but I trained after 13 years with Flavio”says Gregoraci ironically, demonstrating that, in the end, good blood never lies.


Also in the weekly CHI Elisabetta told how her son is experiencing this phase of discovery:

“I think the period of first loves has begun” – he confessed – “For a few months I have seen hearts arrive on his mobile, on Saturday he goes out to eat pizza with friends: I think that after football and PlayStation discovered the girlstells.

Mum Ely then added details about her son’s birthday, recently celebrated, where the guests are partying “They were almost all female” and added “At one point I saw Nathan sitting among all these little girls and it made me smile a lot, so I took a photograph of him secretly“.

Photo which, of course, he immediately sent to Briatore who was not there by writing to him: “Briatore son beats Briatore father 10 to 0”.

And regarding the flashback, there doesn’t seem to be anything to confirm it, but something more is left “The family that will always be there”said the showgirl herself.

Between the two, in fact, the relationship has remained excellent, a sign of mutual esteem and affection that does not die out even if “Our dream of love has stopped”Elisabetta said.

The family always remains united, especially on important occasions, and it is precisely this that allows Nathan to grow up in a peaceful environment surrounded by the love of his parents.